Urban Planning

The Urban Planning Department of the Town of Hudson enforces municipal by-laws on urban planning. All proposals related to land use are assessed by the Department in collaboration with municipal officials and the Town Planning Advisory Committee (TPAC), composed of residents, elected officials and municipal officials.

It issues permits for construction, renovation, swimming pools and subdivisions, as well as permits for tree felling or shoreline projects.

The Department intervenes when complaints are received about compliance with by-laws (nuisances, high grass, pesticides, building without a permit, et cetera).

The mission of the Urban Planning Department is to plan, manage and supervise municipal territory, to support development and develop land use by-laws that promote the harmonization of the architectural landscape and preserve our natural and built heritage.

Implement and monitor compliance with municipal and urban planning by-laws

Propose urban planning by-laws

Issue subdivision, construction and renovation permits, and certificates for activities requiring a special permit from the Town

Conduct inspections necessary for monitoring and enforcing by-laws

Intervene in compliance-related complaints

Develop the urban plan of the Town

Promote and provide guidance for residential and commercial development in the territory

For more information or to submit a request, please contact:
Nicolas Dion-Proulx
Urban Planning Technician

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Contact the Urban Planning department

If you have any questions for the Urban Planning Department:

Telephone: 450-458-5347
Send us an email: info@ville.hudson.qc.ca