Environmental health

The Environmental Health Department ensures the proper maintenance of the water supply and sewer system. It also ensures immediate action in the event of burst pipes or other problems.

Periodically, the Town scrubs the sewers to ensure proper operation and normal flow of wastewater and to avoid possible backflow.

Note that it is forbidden to:

Pour oil, solvent, or other household hazardous waste into the sewers

Install the discharge of a sump pump in your sanitary sewer system

Obstruct clear visual inspection

Connect gutters to the sewer system

The Town will also periodically flush the water system to ensure the quality of drinking water. It is also responsible for checking fire hydrants.

In addition, the Town closes and opens the water for new construction and repair or renovation projects (contact the Environmental Health Service for the exact location). Ensure the water shut-off valve is accessible. Note that it is forbidden to close or open water through the water shut-off valve. Only Town employees are authorized to do so.

Contact the Environmental Health Department

In the event of a burst pipe, please contact the Environmental Health Department at (450) 458-5347.