Public works, parks, and green spaces

The Town of Hudson wants its residents to live in a safe and harmonious environment. Therefore, the Public Works Department undertakes the construction, development and maintenance of Town property and deals with any project of public interest.

Its principal mandates are to:

Maintain Town equipment and property

Maintain the water and sewer system

Maintain the public infrastructure and municipal buildings

Ensure adequate street lighting and maintain streetlights

Organize waste collection, et cetera

Town employees maintain roads, sidewalks and curbs. They are also responsible for improving the road network by replacing street signs and constructing and maintaining speed bumps to ensure safe travel within the Town for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

5-year street paving plan
2020 street start end
Bellevue Main Route 342
Main Vaudreuil Bellevue
Main 244 Quarry Point
Bridlepath Beechwood Windcrest
Seigneurie Route 342 198 Seigneurie
Seigneurie 208 Seigneurie 216 Seigneurie
Roslyn Windcrest 18 Roslyn
Carmel Windcrest 27 Carmel



2021 street start end
Main Beach Côte St Charles


2022 street start end
Quarry Point Main Green Lane
Lakeview McNaughten Oakland
Mountainview Como Gardens Hemlock
Appleglen Hemlock Woodcroft
Pine Main Lakeview
Westwood Windcrest Windcrest
Elm Ridge Dwyer
Elm Main Lakeview
Crescent Main 67 Crescent
Sanderson Main 83 Sanderson
Butternut Main 84 Butternut
Mount Victoria McCauley 63 Mount Victoria
Cedar Ridge 118 Cedar
Alstonvale 55 Alstonvale 75 Alstonvale
Somerset Main 14 Somerset
Como Gardens Main Mountainview
Melrose Lakeview Ridge



2023 street start end
Woodcroft Woodcroft Woodcroft
Main Côte St-Charles 635 Main
Cameron Lakeview St-Jean
Mount Pleasant Bellerive 91 Mount Pleasant
Bellerive Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant
Stirling 539 Stirling Windcrest
Main Bellevue Parsons
Main Leger 244 Main
Olympic 398 Olympic 390 Olympic
Mullan Como Gardens 95 Mullan
Olympic Cameron 416 Olympic
Park Selkirk Lakeview
Mount Pleasant Main 53 Mount Pleasant
Wallace Quarry Point 352 Wallace
Sugar Bush 342 Sugar Bush 361 Sugar Bush
Evergreen Wellesley 171 Evergreen



2024 street start end
Main Como Gardens Mount Pleasant
Main 871 Main 879 Main
Main 879 Main 885 Main
Main 802 Main 824 Main
Cedar Main Ridge
Oakland Main Maple
Maple Lakeview 126 Maple
Selkirk Main Hazelwood
Charleswood Côte St-Charles 110 Charleswood
Hawthorn Woodcroft 16 Hawthorn
Blenkinship Main 72 Blenkinship
Fairhaven Woodland Woodland
Olympic 407 Woodland 398 Woodland














After a snowstorm, snow removal on Town streets and sidewalks as well as the spreading of salt and abrasives is done by an outside contractor.

Sewer Connection (To serviced property-owners)

The sanitary sewage system has been completed since 2009. Connections to the sewer system may proceed.

Please note that NO hook-ups are permitted without a town issued permit.

Application for sewer connection is mandatory and free of charge