Public works, parks, and green spaces

The Town of Hudson wants its residents to live in a safe and harmonious environment. Therefore, the Public Works Department undertakes the construction, development and maintenance of Town property and deals with any project of public interest.

Its principal mandates are to:

Maintain Town equipment and property

Maintain the water and sewer system

Maintain the public infrastructure and municipal buildings

Ensure adequate street lighting and maintain streetlights

Organize waste collection, et cetera

Town employees maintain roads, sidewalks and curbs. They are also responsible for improving the road network by replacing street signs and constructing and maintaining speed bumps to ensure safe travel within the Town for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

After a snowstorm, snow removal on Town streets and sidewalks as well as the spreading of salt and abrasives is done by an outside contractor.

Sewer Connection (To serviced property-owners)

The sanitary sewage system has been completed since 2009. Connections to the sewer system may proceed.

Please note that NO hook-ups are permitted without a town issued permit.

Application for sewer connection is mandatory and free of charge

Contact public works

If you have any questions regarding Public Works or wish to report a problem concerning the road network or water supply, please contact:

Paul Boudreau, Director of Public Works :