Shoreline landscaping

The Town of Hudson is located on the shore of Lake of Two Mountains. The zone covered with vegetation at the edge of the lake is termed the “riparian buffer.” It is a transitional area between the aquatic and terrestrial environments and is suited to the cultivation of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.

The riparian zone plays an essential role in the proper functioning of a body of water.

Its purpose is to:

Filter pollutants

Stabilize the banks

Reduce erosion

Provide a safe environment for many wildlife species

Increase plant and animal diversity

Protect against waves and wind

Et cetera

Before undertaking landscaping projects on your property, make sure that you comply with applicable by-laws by seeking information from the MRC of Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

To create a riparian buffer on your property, you can just let nature take its course by ceasing to mow the grass along the lake or river. Your shoreline will be completely natural, with the advantage that species that are well adapted to the environment will flourish.

You can also plant herbs, shrubs and herbaceous plants native to Quebec to artificially create your riparian zone.