Recognition and Support of Non-Profit Organizations

The Town of Hudson recognizes the importance of the community-based activities carried out by all the non-profit organizations with its territory. The recognition of these organizations comes primarily from the community they serve. However, in order to better support its residents, the Town of Hudson has adopted this Policy for the Recognition and Support of Non-Profit Organizations which will enable the Town to support organizations whose activities are linked to the Town’s responsibilities to provide services to the public. To this end, this policy is aligned with the Town’s other policies and action plans, including the Strategic Plan, all of which aim to improve the living conditions of all residents of Hudson.

This policy is intended to be a tool easily applicable to each organization, all the while respecting each individual group’s mission, service offerings and clientele. The policy allows for a case-by-case evaluation of each application for recognition and support to determine the link between the mission of the organization and the objectives of the Town of Hudson.

To access the Policy for the Recognition and Support of Non-Profit Organizations:

Request for financial support

Non-profit organizations based in Hudson who serve the residents of Hudson may apply to the Town for financial assistance. Whether your group's objective is to support the Town's mission or to finance a specific project, the Town Council will carefully study the request. To apply for financial support, a request must be submitted to the Town Council by using this form. The deadline for applications for financial support is October 31st (* required field).

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