The Town of Hudson proudly embraces environmental values that protect residents’ health and the local ecosystem. Hudson is famous for being the first North American Town to ban pesticides in 1991.

In 2001, two agricultural companies initiated legal proceedings against the Town of Hudson, contending that the Town had impinged upon their right to spread pesticides. The Supreme Court of Canada upheld Hudson’s by-law, thereby awarding a major victory for all municipal governments.

Since that resounding victory, over 125 cities and municipalities across Canada, including Toronto and Ottawa, have followed Hudson’s lead in eliminating the use of pesticides.

To ensure the protection of the environment, the planning department will:

Enforce the pesticide ban as authorized by law

Develop new programs to promote sustainable development

Educate Hudson residents about environmental programs

Ensure the protection of natural resources

Foster sustainability

Implement innovative environmental projects

In accordance with its waste management policy, the town of hudson is committed to:

Reduce to 275 kg per resident the amount of waste disposed of (a decrease of 122 kg per resident from 2011)

Recycle 60% of organic waste

Send 70% of waste resulting from construction, renovation and demolition to the Ecocentre

For the general guidelines and strategies of our 2012-2015 ACTION PLAN, consult the

In 2012, as part of its initiative to reduce greenhouse gases, the Town of Hudson, in collaboration with numerous merchants, installed over 40 Turn off your Engine! signs.

This campaign is aimed at protecting the environment, protecting residents’ health and saving gas at the same time.

Learn more about the Turn off your Engine! campaign!