Residential swimming pools

Beginning in the spring of 2024, Urban Planning inspectors will conduct inspections of the residential pools in the municipal area.

This exercise aims to help pool owners identify any non-compliance with their installations before the September 30, 2025 deadline.

In May 2021, the Quebec government announced new rules regarding pool safety, which have been in effect since July 1, 2021. The purpose of these new rules is to render even safer the structures surrounding any residential swimming pools (in-ground, above-ground, semi-in-ground, removable). The new rules aim to control the access of occupants to the pool by simple measures such as the installation of an enclosure equipped with a security door.

These rules now apply to all pools, regardless of their installation date. Homeowners have until September 30, 2025, to bring their installation into compliance. Therefore, it is important that residents affected by these new rules become aware of the changes to ensure compliance.

These changes include:

  • New chain link fences;
  • Diving boards;
  • The distance between the wall of a pool and its equipment;
  • Distance between pool walls and enclosures; and
  • Window opening limit devices.


To assist residents in ensuring that their pool facilities comply with the law by the September 2025 deadline, municipal inspectors will inspect all residential pools in the municipality starting in spring 2024. Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will leave a notice of compliance or non-compliance (as applicable) on the resident’s front door.

Due to the number of residential pools in the area, it is not possible to make appointments with owners. Inspectors will be easily identifiable as employees of the Town of Hudson.


A permit is required before carrying out work related to the construction or installation of a pool, such as building a deck, platform, or enclosure.


For any questions regarding this matter, please contact the Urban Planning Department
450-450-5437 |