Emergency measures

Citizen Portal

The Citizen Portal allows Hudson’s residents to register to a variety of communications tools, including the new automated call system.

Registration is quick and easy. Click on this link: Town of Hudson Citizen Portal and follow the instructions.

All information collected remains strictly confidential and is used solely by the Town of Hudson.

In case of registration problems or for any requests related to this system, please call 450-458-5347 (press 0) or emailinfo@ville.hudson.qc.ca

Automated calling system

The automated call system enables the Town of Hudson, in the event of an emergency (disaster or priority situation), to transmit a message over the phone to an individual, a neighbourhood, or to the entire population, in a short period of time.

Types of messages

Below are a few examples of situations when the Town would contact residents and merchants via the automated calling system:

  • Major boil water advisory
  • Major fire
  • Natural disasters (flooding, evacuation, etc.)
  • Weather induced water-ban
  • Opening of an emergency shelter
  • Major interruption of drinking water supply

Whether by conventional phone, cell phone or text message, all citizens who subscribe to the automated calling system in the Town can now be notified of an emergency situation within minutes of the activation of the system.

How the automated calling system works

The system will make a call to all residences and businesses in the municipality whose phone number is in the database. In case of absence, the system leaves a message on the voicemail.

It is important to listen to the recorded phone message to the end. The message always starts with: “this is an important message from the Town of Hudson.” Citizens must notify their children and their relatives not to hang up. It is recommended to those who have a conventional (wired) phone but are more easily reachable by cell phone, to enter the cellular number in the database.

How to subscribe

The system database consists of phone numbers of citizens and Hudson businesses listed in the 411 phone directory, for both Bell and Videotron subscribers. Citizens whose phone numbers appear in the 411 phone directories are already part of the Town’s database.

Citizens or businesses that are not automatically included in the database:

  • those who use cellphones exclusively and do not have a ‘wired’ phone
  • those who have a confidential phone number
  • new residents

To be joined by this system, it is the responsibility of each citizen to update their contact information. New residents are encouraged to quickly add their contact information to the database.