Circulation Committee


  • The Circulation Committee provides recommendations to develop and integrate safer and more peaceful living environments for residents and ensures efficient circulation management.
  • Members of the committee include municipal councillors and the Director of Public Works. A representative of the Sûreté du Québec acts as a resource person for the committee.


The Committee meets once a month and has the following responsibilities:

  • Analyze the recommendations of the Department of Public Works;
  • Develop comprehensive solutions to different situations;
  • Evaluate the implementation of different education and awareness campaigns;
  • Mandate the Public Works Department to develop plans for moderation measures;
  • In certain cases, requests other Town departments to carry out different assignments if necessary to implement the traffic moderation measures.
Processing of requests

The Public Works Department collects the information to evaluate and assess the request, mainly through the use of radar statistics.
The analysis of the request is made in accordance with the following steps and may take several weeks:

  • Evaluation of the problem;
  • Installation of radars to register the speed and number of vehicles;
  • On-site observations by the community patrol or intervention by the Sûreté du Québec (i.e., counting, frequent verifications, spot checks, police operations, etc.);
  • Data analysis and interpretation of results;
  • Submission of recommendations to the Committee

No circulation analysis shall be completed within a period of eighteen (18) months following an application. In such a case, if an unfavourable recommendation was received, the file will be closed, and the applicant will be duly informed.

Subject to exceptions, no circulation study shall be conducted during the winter months.

Submitting a request

Applications concerning circulation and signage must be done in writing and transmitted by email: or by mail to the coordinates below. The applications must be sufficiently detailed and must target a location (address, street, road, etc.) under the Town’s jurisdiction.

Town of Hudson
Public Works Department
481 Main Road
Hudson, QC, J0P 1H0