Local businesses

If you are a Hudson business, you can add your business details to the Vaudreuil-Soulanges business directory, created and maintained by the DEV. Simply contact the DEV by clicking HERE.

Commercial Development Corporation (also known as an SDC)

A commercial development corporation (SDC) is a non-profit association that aims to promote the economic development of a commercial zone.

It consists of all the businesses within its commercial zone, such as companies, professional offices and service companies.

Town Council is working with Hudson business owners to determine if there is an interest in reviving the SDC.

On Monday, August 21, 2023, business owners were invited to attend a presentation given by Kriss Naveteur, President of Eckip Communication Marketing.

Telephone directory

War Memorial Library
60, rue Elm, Hudson Heights, QC J0P 1H0

MEMBERSHIP CARD: $15.00/year for adults, $8.00 for children, $30 for family

Books for every age and taste, audiobooks, videos and a collection of CDs for the library computer are available to all.

Thursday: 7 PM – 9 PM
Friday: 2:30 PM – 5 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM

Recreational associations

Association de moto tourisme Vaudreuil-Soulanges
Jacques Monette
(514) 453-8216

Cadets de l’air – Escadron 690
(514) 296-6177

Castors, Louveteaux et Scouts
Danica Lewington
(450) 458-7967

Centre Préscolaire Hudson
Francine Felx
(450) 458-5972

Club de Bridge
Eleanor Rainbow
(450) 458-2693

Club de Bridge Église Saint-Thomas
Rita Marsh
(450) 458-7518

Club de Voyages des Aînés d’Hudson
(450) 458-6699

Guides du Canada
Lydia Berryman
(450) 455-0115

Légion Royale Canadienne
Rod Hodgson
(450) 458-4882

Les Dames Auxiliaires de l’Église Saint-Thomas
Pauline Poirier
(450) 458-5668

Les Dames de l’Église Saint-James
Marilyn Pound
(450) 458-5127

Manoir Cavagnal Comité Social
Carla Schuilenberg
(450) 458-4735

Hudson Masonic Lodge No 98
John Manning
(450) 458-7271

Environmental groups

Le Nichoir / Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre
Susan Wylie
(450) 458-2809

Hudson Garden Club
Sharing horticultural expertise, promoting the enjoyment of gardening and related activities, and encouraging awareness of our environment.

Historical groups

Greenwood Centre for Living History
Geneviève Grenier
(450) 458-5396

Hudson Museum
Rod Hodgson

Hudson Historical Society
Rod Hodgson

Social groups

Albatros – Respect, Support and Presence
Albatross 08 is essentially a volunteer movement whose mission is to support people through the last stage of life and to provide support for their families if necessary.
Dolores Meade
(450) 455-0507

Alzheimer Society Suroît
The Alzheimer Society is the leading non-profit health organization working across Canada to improve the quality of life for Canadians affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases.
Lorraine Hepworth Sauvé
(450) 373-0303

Amcal is a non-profit, community-based agency offering a variety of services to promote and preserve healthy family relationships.
Heather Holmes
(514) 694-3161

As Kneaded
Volunteer bakers
Sherry Graham
(450) 458-3309

Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi Vaudreuil-Soulanges
Aims to improve living conditions of young adults 16 to 35 by supporting them in their efforts regarding employment, return to school or entrepreneurship project.
(450) 455-3185

Centre d’Emploi Vision Travail
For job seekers
Martine Leblanc
(450) 455-5150

CLSC de Vaudreuil-Dorion
Psychosocial help:
Serving clients of all ages (children, adults) who can travel/are mobile.
Telephone: 450 455-6171 ext 70049
Fax: 450 455-8162
*It is possible to speak with a psychosocial worker to find out if this approach is the right one or if another resource would be preferable.


Clients with limited autonomy:
Serving clients who cannot travel to get care; elderly clients and those with physical, intellectual or cognitive limitations (example: Alzheimer’s).
Telephone: 450 455-6171 ext 70109
Fax: 450 455-6192

CLSC de Rigaud
Psychosocial services

G.R.A.V.E.S (Grand rassemblement des ainés de Vaudreuil-Soulanges)

Le Graves is a non-profit organization that helps break isolation and develop and maintain the power of seniors aged 50 and over, by intervening in their living environment through INFORMATION services, SUPPORT and ACCOMPANIMENT.

Telephone: 450-424-0111

Hudson Meals On Wheels
Non-profit organization that prepares and delivers meals for seniors unable to cook for themselves.
Simon Lagimodière


Their mission: To come to the aid of the population of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, or those transiting the territory, who are grappling with different problems. L’Aiguillage has three components: Street work, emergency accommodation and residential stability.

Emergency housing coordinator : 450-218-6418
Residential stability  with support: 1-844-782-5487
Street work: 1-877-265-8460

L’Actuel Volunteer Centre
L’Actuel wishes to be a unifying force among local community groups, businesses and companies. It is a leading provider of a range of services for the most vulnerable.
(450) 455-3331

Le Pont/Bridging
Food bank
Carol Laws
(450) 458-5318

Nova Hudson
Non-profit registered charitable organization that has been providing health care to the communities of Hudson, Saint-Lazare and surrounding areas since 1956.
Judy Tellier
(450) 458-5727

Option Ressources Travail
Mandated to help women expand their horizons by choosing a different career.
Marie-Claude Poirier
(450) 377-4949

Respite and support services for intellectual disabilities and people living with a disorder of autism spectrum since 1998.
Annie Hurtubise, Executive Director
420 Chicoine, Vaudreuil-Dorion Qc J7V 7E4
(450) 424-7505

Support network for victims of sexual assault:

West Island Cancer Wellness Centre 
Offers free support and programs to anyone living with cancer regardless of where they live, type or stage of cancer, etc. Programs complement traditional medical therapy by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs and are also open to caregivers.
Phone:  (514) 695-9355


A community organization which offers professional services to job seekers, immigrants, entrepreneurs, and to businesses. to help them achieve their objectives more effectively.

  • Coaching on job search strategies
  • Design and writing of your resume
  • Assisted placement
  • Integration for immigrants
  • Bank of intercultural interpreters
  • Computer workshops

Place : 430, boul. Harwood, suite 130, Vaudreuil-Dorion (Québec) J7V 7H4

Price : NO CHARGE for all residents of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area

(subsidized by Services Québec)

To register : 450 424-5727, toll free : 1 877 737-8582, email

For more information : Please visit our web site:

Arts and Culture

Artists and Craft Groups

Artisans de l’Ouest
Jen Baumeister
(450) 458-4849

Hudson Artists Association
Jane Wright
(450) 202-7534

Lake of Two Mountains Artists Association
Rita Shellard
(450) 458-0527

Village Quilters
Rebecca Stone
(450) 458-9955

Le Chant de l’Âme
Arts Spirituels
(450) 458 7906

Music and Performing Arts

Hudson Chamber Music Series
Anne Drake
(450) 458-5107

Hudson Classical Ballet
Sandy Ferguson
(450) 458-5155

Hudson Dance Centre
Sharon Weiner
(450) 458-4251

Hudson Film Society
Inga Lawson
(450) 424-2893

Hudson Music Club
Gail Marchand
(450) 458-8768

Hudson Music Festival
Lynda Clouette-mackay
(450) 458-5633

Hudson Players Club
Elizabeth Harwood

Village Theater
Kalina Skulska, Executive Director
(450) 458-2743

Sport Groups and Clubs

Aikido and Self defense (Yoga and Isometric Exercise)
Frank Rode
(514) 808-1088

Gay Elliott
(450) 458-4192

Baseball Saint-Lazare
Mark Moll
(514) 289-2277

Base de Plein Air Les Cèdres
(450) 452-4736

Canadian Power & Sail Squadron
Keith Warner
(450) 458-7780

Como Golf Club
Denyse Mackinnon
(438) 500-1099

Gymini Gymnastique Club
(450) 455-3141

Hardy Rocks Curling
Gerry Foliot
(450) 458-4125

Harwood Golf Club
Mara Daoust
(450) 458-5612

Hudson Athletes Club
Kim Crossley
(450) 458-0762

Hudson Badminton Club
Denis Daoust
(514) 233-2134

Hudson Community Pool
Nancy Mitchell
(450) 458-6699

Hudson Junior Curling
Lisa Krebs
(450) 451-6144

Hudson Karate Club
Colin Scotcher
(450) 458-0142

Hudson Legion Curling Club
Glenn Ruiter
(450) 458-1829

Hudson Minor Hockey Association
Mike Fidele
(514) 241-4822

Hudson Mixed Softball League
Michel Carriere
(450) 424-2182

Hudson / Rigaud Old-Timers Hockey
Brian Penny
(450) 458-5680

Hudson/St-Lazare “Strikers” Men’s Soccer
Terry O’shea
(450) 458-4049

Hudson/St-Lazare Skating Club
Sara Winser
(514) 884-8609

Hudson/Saint-Lazare Soccer Club
Lucie Tremblay
(450) 510-0022

Hudson/Saint-Lazare Spirit Basketball
Leslie Hughes
(450) 458-9090

Hudson Yacht Club
Derek Patino
(450) 458-5326

Le Club de Cyclisme du Suroît
Benoit Élie
(514) 394-3439

Les Gymnastes de l’Île
Ewa Rucka
(450) 425-0803

Nordic Walking / Power Poling
Janice Burdon
(450) 458-2531

Petite Ligue de Baseball Saint-Lazare
Mark Moll
(514) 289-2277

Ramblers Association (Hiking/Snowshoeing)
Terry Browitt
(450) 458-7131

Royal Oak Tennis Club
Bob Kemerer
(450) 458-4320

Saint-Lazare Stallions Football
Anson Williams
(514) 773-0394

SVS – Sentier Vaudreuil Soulanges
Heidi Wright
(514) 835-7697

Josée Brulotte
(450) 451-5269

Trois Lacs Speed Skating Club
Didier Toussaint
(450) 510-3178

Whitlock Golf & Curling Club
Marco Jette
(450) 458-5305