The animal controller’s mandate is to capture stray dogs and to recover injured or dead animals in public places or on the road.

For any injured or dead animal on your property, please contact the animal controller. Please note that a fee is payable for this service.

Telephone: 514-566-5678

In accordance with by-law no. 650, license is mandatory within the Town of Hudson limits. The cost of the license is $25. Should the licence be lost, the guardian of the animal must obtain another licence. The cost of this replacement is $10.  A maximum of 3 dogs per household.

To obtain a license, the application must contain the name, surname, address and telephone number of the applicant and of the dog’s owner, if a distinct person, and indicate the breed, sex, colour, year of birth, name, distinguishing marks, origin of the animal and if its weight is greater than 20 kg in order to complete the municipal registry.

Dog tag application: Click here


It is forbidden to any owner or custodian of a dog in the Town of Hudson to allow the dog to roam in the streets or public places, as well as on private property without the consent of the owner or occupant of the property.

Dogs may go on all the pedestrian paths in the Town but must be leashed at all times.


Owners/custodians must pick up dog feces in all public places and on any private property other than their own.

Dog run

So that your dog can burn off excess energy, the Town of Hudson provides residents with a dog run at 725 Main. This spacious exercise area is fenced-in, so that your dog can run off-leash.

It is strongly recommended to ensure that your dog has complete, up-to-date vaccination coverage and is properly protected against transmissible internal and external parasites.

Code of conduct in dog exercise areas

No dog may be in the designated area without an adult in attendance at all times

The owner/custodian may bring only two dogs at a time to the dog run or on trails

The owner/custodian is responsible for the dog’s behaviour. The owner/custodian must maintain voice control of their dogs at all times.

It is not permitted to disturb or chase people or wildlife

Females in heat and sick dogs are prohibited in the dog run

Aggressive dogs must be kept out of the area

The owner/custodian must pick up dog feces

The following by-laws apply to domestic cats.

The cat must not:

Meow so as to disturb the peace or annoy neighbours

Maul garbage

Cause damage to the property of others

Exit your property

Roam in town

Enter on private property

Enter a park, playground or other public place

The cat owner must:

Ensure that the animal complies with regulations

Feed, shelter and provide the animal with basic care requirements

Refrain from abandoning the animal

You’ve lost your pet.

Please contact the Town of Hudson at 450-458-5347 during office hours. You can also contact Animal Control at 514-566-5678 (open 24-7).

You’ve found an animal.

Contact Animal Control at 514-566-5678. You can also contact the Town of Hudson at 450-458-5347 during business hours.


The owner/custodian of an impounded dog or cat must collect their pet at animal control within eight (8) days of its capture and upon payment of registration fees and custody fees per day of detention. After this period, the animal may be placed up for adoption.


Telephone: 514-566-5678
Web site: SPCA West

To contact the animal controller:

Telephone: 514-566-5678