Right of preemption

On June 9, 2022, the National Assembly of Quebec adopted Bill 37 :  An Act to amend various legislative provisions mainly with respect to housing.  The law amends several laws in the municipal field in order to grant municipalities the power to acquire immovables by means of the right of preemption.

At the Council meeting of April 5, 2023, The Town of Hudson adopted the By-Law relating to the exercise of the right of preemption on the Town of Hudson territory :

The purpose of this by-law is to exercise a right of preemption on any immovable it wishes to acquire for municipal purposes, namely

        1. Natural area, park and public space;
        2. Public road;
        3. Housing;
        4. Social, community or affordable housing;
        5. Infrastructure or collective equipment;
        6. Institutional equipment;
        7. Conservation of heritage interest buildings;
        8. Land reserve.

The right of preemption therefore allows the Town of Hudson to purchase, in priority over any other buyer, certain buildings or vacant lots in order to carry out projects for municipal purposes.

As such, the municipal council adopted resolution R2023-08-193 to exercise this right of preemption on the lots listed in the resolution.

Further information will be posted on the Town’s website by the end of August indicating what to do if your property has been identified and the different steps of the right of preemption.

For any questions regarding the Town’s right of preemption, please contact the Acting Town Clerk, Susan McKercher, at 450 458-5347, extension 1121 or by email