General Management

The role of the Director General is to implement the decisions of Council, supervise the daily operations of the Town, update the action plan and ensure compliance with the guidelines and priorities of the daily activities of the team and staff.

The Director General is responsible for all municipal departments, ensures the quality of services provided and promotes good relations between residents and local stakeholders.

The Director General’s responsibilities are to:

Supervise the entire municipal organization

Establish communications between Council members and municipal employees

Meet with residents and listen to their needs

Establish communication tools

Conduct internal controls

Draft reports and recommendations to Council regarding measures to promote the Town, its effective and efficient management, and the welfare of members of the local community

Advance the Town’s strategic objectives and budget planning

Organize special formal events

Represent Town interests to authorities with decision-making powers

In accordance with section 477.6 of the Cities and Towns Act, the Town of Hudson publishes a list of all contracts involving an expenditure of at least $25,000 in the Quebec’s government’s Electronic Tender Notice System (SEAO). You can consult the list by clicking on the link below.

To view report on contracts awarded (SEAO),

If you have trouble finding a specific contract on the SEAO site, we suggest you use the “Advanced search” function on the SEAO site. You can search by criteria such as “number,” “date,” and “delivery area”. Please note that results will appear in French.

To access the “Advanced search” function on the SEAO site,

For any other question about the contents of a specific contract, please make a request under the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies.