Updating the urban planning program – protection of natural areas

ADOPTED By-law 750-2022: establishing a moratorium on certain urban planning operations
Presentation of by-law 750-2022
Broadcast of information session – by-law 750-2022
Proposed by-law 525.3-2022
Presentation of by-law 525.3
Interactive Conservation Priorities map
Broadcast of information session – by-law 525.3

As there are several projects and matters to be planned for Hudson’s future, the Town will also continue the work began by councils of the past. Going back to 2017, the Town of Hudson adopted a first conservation plan that was not integrated into the planning tools. A complete conservation plan that covers the entire extent of the municipality and not just the urban perimeter, and that does not exclude areas that had then been slated for development, is the first building block in revising Hudson’s Planning Program. Since 2017, the Town has gathered further science-based data that is presented in the 2020 Eco2urb report and defines the areas of interest in tiers numbered 1 through 5. This report provides valuable data for the conservation plan and is available below.

Project timeline

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6 Dec 2021

Adoption of Interim Control Resolution

6 Dec

Adoption of first draft of By-law 525.3-2021 to further amend the planning program – Protection of Natural Areas

21 Jan 2022

Beginning of public consultation period

2 Feb

Public virtual information session (Zoom)

7 Feb

End of the public consultation period

7 Feb

Tabling of draft Interim Control By-law

21 Feb

Virtual information session re: draft Interim Control By-law

24 Feb

Special Council meeting. Adoption of by-law 525.3-2021 and adoption of Interim Control By-law
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