Public Notice: Written consultation – By-law 525.3-2021 to further amend the planning program – protection of natural areas

To interested persons of the Town of Hudson:

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given of the following:

At its regular meeting held on Monday, December 6th, 2021, the Town Council adopted, by resolution, the draft by-law entitled “BY-LAW 525.3-2021 TO FURTHER AMEND THE PLANNING PROGRAM – PROTECTION OF NATURAL AREAS

The object of this draft by-law is to incorporate new objectives and strategies for the protection and enhancement of forest cover and natural areas of interest to integrate such notions into the urban planning by-laws.

In accordance with Order 2021-054 dated July 16th, 2021, the public consultation meeting is being replaced by a 15-day written consultation.

Any person who wishes to give their opinion, to comment or to express themselves on the proposed draft by-law must send their comments in writing no later than February 7th, 2022, in the following ways:

Draft By-Law 525.3-2021, as well as a presentation explaining specifically the proposed amendments, can be consulted on the Town’s website at the following link:­-durbanisme-protection-des-milieux-naturels/

An Information session followed by a question period will be held Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, at 7:30 pm. Due to the sanitary measures in place, the session will be held via Zoom videoconference only. A recording of the session will be published on the Town’s website. Information on how to attend the information session is posted on the Town’s website at the following link:­protection-des-milieux-naturels/

This draft By-Law does not contain provisions making it subject to approval by way of a referendum.

Given at Hudson
On January 21st, 2022
Susan McKercher
Interim Town Clerk

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