Project schedule: Updating the Planning Program – Protection of Natural Areas

The timeline of events regarding the process of updating the Town’s Planning Program is below.
To consult the background information, reports and maps, go to our new web page at Updating the Planning Program

January 24 to February 7, 2022:

  • Public consultation regarding draft by-law 525.3-2021 to further amend the planning program – protection of natural areas
  • During this consultation, residents will be invited to send in their questions and comments on the draft by-law.
  • A presentation of the draft by-law will be made available on the Town of Hudson website and
  • A virtual Zoom information session will be held during this 15-day consultation period.
  • Complete details regarding the public consultation and how to send your comments to the Town will be included in the Public Notice that will be posted on the Town’s website in the upcoming days.

February 7, 2022 – Monthly Assembly of Council:

  • The tabling of an Interim Control By-law
    • Council will table a draft Interim Control By-law at the February 7 Monthly Assembly of Council.
    • The purpose of this draft by-law will be to establish temporary measures to protect natural environments.
    • This draft by-law will replace the temporary protection measures put in place in December 2021 by the Interim Control Resolution R2021-12-320

February 24, 2022 – Special Council meeting:

  • Adoption of By-law 525.3-2021 to further amend the planning program – protection of natural areas and,
  • Adoption of an Interim Control By-law: This by-law will replace the Interim Control Resolution R2021-12-320 and will remain in effect until the by-laws related to the amendment of the Planning Program (zoning, subdivision, etc.) have been modified and come into effect.