Public security

Public Security ensures the protection of residents and property on the Hudson territory. It also aims to promote prevention among the public.

The Town of Hudson has an emergency response plan for coming to the aid of residents in the event of an apprehended major disaster. If you find yourself faced with a major disaster, such as:

Hazardous materials spills

Plane crash

Train derailment

Collapse of buildings or structures

Uncontrollable fires, explosions

Flood, tornado, hurricane, ice storm, torrential rain

Major breakdown of essential services (electricity, water, telephone)


Or if you are faced with a situation involving risk and vulnerability, such as:

Heat wave

Extreme cold spell

Epidemic or pandemic

Dam burst



The municipal authorities will implement their emergency response plan when the situation requires. The plan comprises four steps:





The goal is to ensure an integrated and effective intervention in order to fully meet the needs of disaster victims, while encouraging appropriate participation by individuals.

In such a situation, the Town will assign intervention tasks to all municipal employees and coordinate the collaboration of relief organizations and volunteer community organizations in the Town of Hudson.

Prepare an emergency kit

All residents should be prepared for emergencies. Having an emergency kit will enable you and your family meet your basic needs while awaiting rescue.

Here are some sites that will help you prepare your emergency kit:

Emergency (police, fire, ambulance)

Assistance to residents

Fire services (non-emergency calls)
(450) 458-5347

Hudson Town Hall
(450) 458-5347

Emergency shelter (Community Centre)
(450) 458-6699

Poison control centre
1 (800) 463-5060

Hudson Medi-Centre
(450) 458-5393

Nova (V.O.N.)
(450) 458-5727

Pharmacy Marc Rabbat et Michel Najm
(450) 458-4686

Lakeshore General Hospital
(514) 630-2225

Hawkesbury District Hospital
(613) 632-1111

Valleyfield General Hospital
(450) 371-9920

C.L.S.C. (Vaudreuil-Dorion)
(450) 455-6171

C.L.S.C. (Rigaud)
(450) 451-6609

1 (800) 790-2424

Bell Canada
611, 310-2355, 310-7070

Dog Catcher (D. Laniel)
(450) 455-3950

Hudson Animal Hospital
(450) 458-5382

Tri-L Kennel Boarding
(450) 458-4788

To contact any of these departments:

Fire Department
529, Main Road
Hudson, Québec J0P 1H0
Phone: 450-458-4011

Public Security Coordinator
Director General
481, Main Road
Hudson, Québec J0P 1H0
Phone: 450-458-5347

Operations Management for Emergency Measures
Daniel Leblanc,
Assistant Director, Public Security
529 Main Road
Hudson Québec J0P 1H0
Phone: 450-458-4011