First responders

For all emergencies, please dial 911

Since 1992, the HFD’s PR-3 level First Responder service has been providing quick and efficient responses to life-threatening emergencies while awaiting the arrival of paramedics. This is due to their proximity to the population.  The First Responder team consists of 3 firefighters on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This constant state of alertness of our firefighters makes them the allies of choice in situations where every minute makes a difference.

The Direction des services préhospitaliers d’urgences, currently under the governance of Dr. Ross, has developed a series of protocols adapted to the four levels of First Responder services in Québec:
– PR-DEA: responds to calls of a high possibility of cardiorespiratory arrest;
– PR-1: responds to the high potential of cardiorespiratory arrest and severe allergic reaction calls;
– PR-2: responds to cardiorespiratory arrest, severe allergic reaction and severe trauma calls;
– PR-3: responds to cardiorespiratory arrest, allergic reaction, severe trauma and urgent medical calls

To be qualified as a First Responder for the HFD, members must successfully complete the initial 60-hour training provided by a mandated agency. They must then maintain their skills by completing 12 hours of training annually.

According to the definition of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec, a first responder:

Provides emergency services and stabilization to a person whose condition requires care, in accordance with clinical intervention protocols at a recognized level of training.
The first reponder works with the ambulance paramedics. The first responder applies treatment protocols to prevent deterioration of the condition of the person in distress and transfers responsibility for care to the ambulance paramedics when they arrive at the scene.
For more information on the First Responders division:

529 Main Road, Hudson Québec J0P 1H0
Reception: 450-458-5347, ext. 5222

Daniel Leblanc, Director
Telephone: 450-458-5347, ext. 5221

Shane Bonnemeyers, Captain, First Responders / Equipment division
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