Fire Department

Municipal fire departments are well known to be organizations with classically traditional roots. Nevertheless, throughout the world, services have succeeded in maintaining a tradition of excellence through the dedication of fire fighters to serve residents with respect, dignity and professionalism.


The Hudson Fire Department’s mission is to protect people in the community and their property against fire and other disasters. Fire fighters provide optimal protection against all hazards, while maintaining quality standards.


The vision of the Hudson Fire Department is to provide residents with an unparalleled quality of service. Fire fighters bring leadership and innovation to the task of fire safety.

They maintain the identity and authentic flair associated with the Fire Department and the community they serve.


Save lives

Fire investigations

Promote fire safety among families in the community

Conduct fire prevention visits

Provide assistance to companies and organizations in developing a fire safety plan

Continuously updating the municipal emergency response plan

Conduct fire evacuation exercises in various buildings

For all emergencies, please dial 911

For more information on the fire department :

529 Main Road, Hudson, Québec, J0P 1H0

Daniel Leblanc, Director, Fire Department
Telephone: 450-458-4011, ext. 5221

Telephone: 450-458-5347, ext. 5222

Peter Leblanc, Captain (Communications, Logistics Division)

Adrian Bonnemayers, Captain (Training / Fleet Division)
Telephone: 450-458-5347 ext. 5223

Shane Bonnemayers, Captain (First Responder / Equipment Division)
Telephone: 450-458-5347, ext. 5224

Kris Sodo, Captain (Prevention / Documentation Division)
Telephone: 450-458-5347, ext. 5225