Hudson Arts Council

The Town of Hudson will be holding consultation sessions with our town’s “movers and shakers” in the cultural domain. Each consultation session will conclude with the election of a representative to the Hudson Arts Council subcommittee.

The consultations will be organized by sector; see below for a description of each. If you cross over into several categories you are welcome to attend those consultation sessions which apply, otherwise please attend only the consultation for your sector. Consultation sessions will be held at Halcro Cottage (539 Main Road, Hudson), at 4 pm on the following dates:

Sunday, March 18th: Creative Cultural Occupations  

This sector of activity includes artists in the visual arts, arts and crafts artists, architects, writers, editors, musicians, graphic designers, designers, dancers, and actors

Sunday, March 25th: Community Cultural Organizations

This sector of activity includes community arts organizations, historical and genealogical societies, aboriginal (cultural) organizations and multicultural (cultural) organizations

Sunday, April 8th: Spaces and Facilities 

This sector of activity includes digital and media studios, libraries and archives, design studios, theatres, performing arts facilities, museums and art galleries

Sunday, April 15th: Intangible Assets 

This sector of activity includes stories, customs, oral traditions, place names, ceremonies

Sunday, April 22nd: Cultural Heritage 

This sector of activity includes buildings, cemeteries, archaeological sites, heritage districts and historic sites

Sunday, April 29th: Natural Heritage 

This sector of activity includes farms and orchards, parks, botanical / zoological gardens and conservation authorities

Sunday, May 6th: Festival and Events 

This sector of activity includes film festivals, multicultural festivals, performing arts festivals, gallery and studio tours, public art tours, cultural heritage tours

Sunday, May 20th: Creative Cultural Industries

This sector of activity includes film/video/sound recording, publishing industries, commercial galleries, theatre companies, radio and television broadcasting, libraries and archives, architecture and photography