To ensure the implementation of a new pathway, the Town of Hudson announces the closure of Sandy Beach for the 2024 summer season

Hudson, May 3, 2024— The Town of Hudson wishes to inform the public that it is obliged to close Sandy Beach for the summer of 2024. The trails leading to this beach are currently on private property and are no longer accessible to the public.

The Town of Hudson must now assess all possible scenarios to provide access to the beach in full compliance with environmental standards. Considering that the new trail will be established in a sensitive ecological environment (riparian buffer strip, wetlands, dense wooded area), several steps must be taken before the public can regain access to the beach.

As a result, the Town has already begun working on a permanent solution to allow access to the beach. To ensure compliance with regulations as quickly as possible, the Town has entrusted SAGIE Inc. with a mandate to characterize the environment and make recommendations to align the trail development. According to Gérald Renaud, senior advisor at SAGIE Inc., “the area targeted by the project to relocate a section of the Sandy Beach trail is a riparian area of the Outaouais River subject to regulation by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Change, Wildlife, and Parks. This control involves a study of the ecological characteristics (fauna, flora, and habitat) and water characteristics (coastline, shoreline, and flood zone), which will make it possible to establish whether the project needs to be submitted to the Ministry for authorization.” 

Once these recommendations have been received, a contract will be awarded to prepare plans and specifications for the new facilities. The chosen concept and the planned work must be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment for approval. Only once the Ministry’s approval has been confirmed will the Town be able to award a contract and proceed with the pathway’s configuration. This step is provided for in the Act and will cause some delays.

Given the situation, the Town plans to implement measures which will ensure respect for private property. Therefore, at its regular meeting on May 6, the Municipal Council will be asked to consider a draft by-law banning parking in the vicinity of the former accesses to the beach.

The Town also plans to post signs around the site to inform the public of its closure. In return, the Town will be advertising other activities for visitors. Hudson has much to offer in terms of tourism, and intends to advertise its attractions to all those who visit Hudson.

It is currently impossible to put forward a date for the reopening of the beach, as the Town does not control the deadlines for the stages that are the responsibility of other partners, including the Ministry of the Environment, which must approve the installation of a new pathway.

The Town would like to thank the public for respecting the new signage that will be in place and for helping to protect an ecological site of undeniable value.

For an interview request :
Laura McCaffrey
Communications Coordinator, Town of Hudson
450 458-5347, ext. 1124