Public notice – restriction on watering

Notice is hereby given to all citizens of the Town of Hudson, in accordance with By-Law 723 concerning the use of drinking water produced by the municipal water system that due to the need to fill municipal reservoirs, the Director of Public Works decrees:

a watering restriction notice, covering all Town territory and until the lifting of this notice, prohibiting anyone from watering lawns, trees and shrubs, filling pools, washing vehicles or using water outdoors for whatever reason.

However, said prohibition does not affect the manual watering of vegetable gardens and edible plants in the ground or in pots, or the watering of gardens, flowers and other plants.

Any person who contravenes this notice commits an offence and may be fined $ in accordance with section 9 of the above-mentioned by-law.

Given at Hudson
This 1st day of June 2023
Iain Dalgarno
Public Works Director