Call for candidates – Town of Hudson Culture policy committee

A call for engaged residents with a keen interest in arts, culture, and heritage:

The Town of Hudson is moving forward with the creation of its first culture policy and is looking for residents who wish to get involved in a committee to bring this first policy to light. The process was started in 2016 by the Prévost administration and further crystalized by the Nicholls administration in 2019.

The committee will consist of five residents from diverse backgrounds, such as education, health care, history, commerce, environment, and indigenous relations, and five from various artistic, cultural, or heritage backgrounds who wish to participate and be part of the committee. Some examples include history, textiles, archaeology, decorative arts, gardening, wood cabinetry, health, education, commerce, environment, and professional visual arts/painting.

Mayor Chloe Hutchison and Reid Thompson, councillor for District 4, will co-chair the committee.

If you have an interest in culture and heritage and are:

  • Open to working in a fluid and collaborative team format,
  • Available for 6 to 8 meetings between March 2023 and February 2024,
  • A Hudson resident, and
  • Interested in participating in the Culture Policy Committee,

Submit your application to before 4 pm on Monday, February 27, 2023. A letter providing your motivation is not mandatory but would be much appreciated.

Town Council wishes to recognize and thank the Hudson Arts and Culture Council (HA&CC) for their work in the preparation of the cultural offering survey to be published and mailed out to all residents. The information gathered will serve as a foundation for the next steps in creating the Town’s first cultural policy.

The HA&CC has been instrumental in orienting Council to the resource of les Arts et la Ville, a non-profit organization that will continue to accompany Hudson through the process of creating our first cultural policy.

Hudson Arts and Culture Council (HA&CC)

The current membership (January 2023) is as follows :

Cultural Organizations
Intangible Assets (tradition, folklore, language)
Natural Heritage
Building Heritage
Local Artists
Production companies
Spaces and Facilities
Clint Ward
Lynda Clouette-Mackay
Kalina Skulska
Kevin Solarik
Geneviève Grenier (Secretary)
Anile Prakash (Tresurer)
Christopher Gobeil (Shair)
Cam Gentile