Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de Ville (7 Avril 2015)

Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de Ville (7 Avril 2015)

Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de Ville (7 Avril 2015)

Je souhaite que le long weekend de Pâques vous a été bénéfique en compagnie de vos proches.

When Diana died tragically,the Queen Mother dubbed that year her ‘annus horribilus”. The last 6 weeks have been horribilus as well.

I was propelled into a search mission in order to fill the D.G. and/or Treasurer positions quickly because the Cities and Town’s Act requires at least one of these positions be filled at all times (particularly the Treasurer position). If not,the Town cannot write cheques. Nous avons eu la main heureuse avec l’embauche sur une base interimaire de M.Jacques Lemieux,ex D.G.adjoint et Trésorier de la Ville de Salaberry de Valleyfield. Unfortunately,one of our Councillors stated that this hiring was illegal and would file a complaint with Mamot against me to that effect. The posting of the resolution on Friday was indeed for Treasurer but by mutual agreement on Monday,Jacques and I agreed that the D.G. title would give him the added credibility and latitude to perform his job,albeit for a period of three months and at the same price. Councillors knowingly voted in favour of the amended resolution.

To suggest that this was blatantly illegal is like tripping over the flowers in the carpet. The man’s unblemished record and integrity in municipal affairs was being publicly tainted. As a result,Mr. Lemieux resigned to the great chagrin of most if not all Town employees. All I can say is : What a shame!

We’re now back to square one. We’ll let Council stickhandle this challenge. Councillors Goldenberg,Durand and Best with power to add and subtract have been given the responsibility of posting the positions,proceeding with the triage of some 16 candidates who have already applied and making recommendations to Council. Time is of the essence because without a treasurer at the very least,no Town can

function and if nothing is forthcoming quickly,we are inviting the presence of a trustee,which I’m told,is something we wish to avoid.
We have met with two forensic accounting firms but their fees with no guarantees are not too palatable. Our asset disposal committee has met a few times and Councillors Rosenberg and Durand will be making a recommendation to Council. The seizure this past week of a former D.G.’s movables was undertaken by Revenue Quebec for their benefit and not the Town’s.

D’autres réunions ont eu lieu à la MRC pour revoir le schéma d’aménagement.

On a brighter note,the 6th St.Patrick’s Day parade along with pre-parade events (Grand Marshal,Irish Queen,Irishman of the Year) was probably the best ever.

Grace à un subside de $245,000 du Mamot,le Nichoir peut maintenant procéder avec la construction d’une aviaire qui sera ouverte 12 mois par année. Félicitations à Mme. D’Aoust pour sa ténacité.

There have been many opinions,suggestions and downright controversy about the MMC’s (CMM) territorial development plan better known as PMAD,the MRC’s schéma d’aménagement,concordance,density levels over time by area designation,TODS. Because of misinformation,dis-information and suggestions that the Town has some kind of devious strategy,we are going to have an open door public information meeting next Wednesday,April 15th from 12-9pm at the Community Centre so that everyone can be better and more correctly informed. We will take copious notes of your input and incorporate what appears to be realistic into a revamped plan. As a result,we will not address misconceptions tonight until everyone is on the same page. One of the Town’s commercial heavyweights has written me a letter expressing Hudson concern and seeking Town direction as to where we are headed. (Excerpts from Michel Poirier’s letter)

Because of that and other timing issues,we will re-schedule presentation of your Strategic Plan and Vision to the fall of this year. I’d like to invite Ron Laursen who has been an exceptional volunteer facilitator to speak to you about the motives of that decision. Ron is a former banker and is now a part-time professor at the John Molson School of Business.


Before we proceed to question period,I would like to read the Scouts declaration which will be adopted by Council resolution.
Finally,the last Council meeting reminded me that question periods get out of hand. So here’s a refresher reminder – 1st question period – 15 minutes – a maximum of 3 minutes per intervenor. 2nd question period – 30 minutes – max of 3 min./intervenor. After setting the scene,one question is allowed. The Chair may allow a 2nd related question. The procedure will be strictly enforced just like Beaconsfield or St.Anne de Bellevue have chosen to do recently. Failing respect for that procedure,we may choose to adjourn.

There will be a resolution at the next Council meeting to make Hudson a “Fair Trade” town,copies of which have been distributed to you.
Finally,I’d like to report that despite a leg amputation,Clint Ward is ready to go and in good spirits.

Question Period