Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de ville 6 juillet, 2015

Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de ville 6 juillet, 2015

Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de ville 6 juillet, 2015

Since our last Town Council on June 1st,the Arts Alive events were held on June 4,5 and 6th to a resounding success.

Notre D.G.,Mr. Campbell et moi-même se partagerons divers sujets qui,sans être nécessairement à l’agenda,feront l’objet de votre interêt. En plus,certains membres du Conseil auront sans doute certaines remarques additionnelles.

Ce soir,nous déposons le rapport d’AMEC sur la véritable situation d’eau ici á Hudson. In the first instance,we need to verify whether we have leaks in our system and to what extent. Notwithstanding the results,we need to identify where an additional well or wells need to be built. The report will be on our Web Site as of tomorrow. I would invite Councillor Woodhead to provide more details on this precious resource.

On June 25th,I attended one of 5 information meetings on the subject of the intermodal transportation hub referred to in French as Le Pöle Logistique (Logistics Hub) confirmed by the Province but with sparse information as to where,when and how. It will be in the MRC-VS.

Les spéculations suggèrent de 10-20,000 emplois sur 20 ans,des revenus de $237.8M,6,000 résidences additionnelles pour les travailleurs/euses – un investissement de 93$M dont 50% proviendrait du Gouv’t du Québec. This is good news for the region and Hudson,if we position ourselves properly.

On June 16th,Councillor Goldenberg met with a number of commercial property owners to review the implications of the elimination of business taxes as of January 1st next year. (Ron to comment)

I had the pleasure of attending the Westwood High graduation ceremonies on June 18th. 200+ escaped the rain,just in time. Congratulations to all graduates.

We had the Fête Nationale/St.Jean Baptiste festivities on June 23rd at Jack Layton Park complete with fireworks and music – well organized but not as well attended as last year.

Malheureusement,nous avons du cancellé les festivités pour la Fête du Canada dû á des prévisions météorologiques comme la plupart des villes dans l’ouest de l’ile,pour des raisons de sécurité publique.  Par ailleurs,nous allons reproduire ces mêmes festivités le 1er aôut prochain conjointement avec le Street Fair,ou la foire de rue,complete with hot-air balloons and fireworks.

I returned from a quick getaway yesterday to meet Armand Vaillancourt’s  Land Art contribution that kicks off a full month of Land Art by various contributors within the context of our 150 year festivities in Hudson. If you haven’t seen it,go to Sandy Beach and have a look.

Hudson’s Car show,largely an initiative of Georges Sauvé.was also a success over the weekend.

We were also made aware a few days ahead of time that Greenpeace had targeted Hudson and many other cities throughout Canada to protest tar sands and pipelines. We did take steps to make sure that Hudson residents would have unperturbed access to their public park with the cooperation of the SQ.

Tomorrow,St.Lazare is having a press conference to talk about a new event for them – St.Lazare au Galop – a kind of localized rodeo where horses are the center of attraction.

On July 18th,Le Nichoir is having an Open House from 10:30 – 14:00 where they will exhibit their Trail Interpretation Panels.

Lors de la réunion du Conseil du 8 septembre prochain,nous aurons comme invitée spéciale la personne responsable de la SQ dans la MRC,Capitaine Ginette Séguin. Nous avons en main diverses statistiques provenant de la SQ qui seront disponible sur le site Web dés demain s’il ne sont pas déja disponible sur le site de la MRC. Elle pourra répondre à vos questions même si il n’y a pas d’inquiétudes particulières concernant le comportement des conducteurs dans la région.

Of course,we were all saddened by the tragic accident on Cambridge. We did install a black box to measure speeding at various times of day,results of which will be available shortly but speed would not appear to be the culprit. I would invite Mr.Campbell to address this issue.

You will no doubt have noticed refurbished park benches that have been in hiding for a few years and that have been distributed throughout the downtown core.

As usual,it’s been busy – MRC,MRC Committees,CIT Presqu’ile,Transport Soleil and frustration at the slow pace of progress. Our DG will complete on other issues – search for a permanent DG,Treasurer,Pine Lake,financials etc.

I would like to remind you again that your Strategic Plan and Vision will be presented on Sept. 19 from 10am-12pm.

This weekend,there will be a commemoration of events to underline the 25 years since the Oka Crisis to take place as of 10am at the Pines in Kanesetake. On this side of the river/lake,the History Museum will have a special exhibition and a social tea from 3-5pm on Saturday,July 11.

Our first question period is now open.