Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de Ville (1er juin 2015)

Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de Ville (1er juin 2015)

Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de Ville (1er juin 2015)

Depuis notre dernière réunion du 4 mai,la ville pétille d’activités. Elan a présenté son calendrier d’activités dans 5 villes différentes,dont Hudson le 6 mai dernier au Théatre Rialto. Arts Alive begins right here this Friday till June 7th and is the kickoff to our 150th birthday celebrations. ( Sommaire des activités Elan)

A press conference was held on May 9th to announce our desire to become a fair trade town and that was officially proclaimed on May 19th – the 21st city in Canada with that official designation.

On May 9th,I attended a rather elaborate ceremony in Chateauguay where young and less young were recognized for their service to the community. The Lieutenant’s Governor’s medal was attributed Mrs. Maxine Bredt,95 years young,to the only standing ovation.

En plus,la médaille a été remise à Kaitlin Angell et Austin Rikley-Kindle de Westwood High School.

Plusieurs membres de l’administration et moi-même avons rencontré les responsables de l’école Westwood pour discuter des mesures d’urgence suite à des fuites d’eau dans leur secteur comme ce fut le cas en février,2015.

Under Mr. Campbell’s leadership,we have had a number of formal and informal caucus meetings and several one on one’s. Following adoption of tonight’s resolution,we will be in full search mode for a permanent D.G. and Treasurer.

As usual,I have attended MRC Board and committee meetings,CIT Presqu’ile and Transport Soleil,the latter two have celebrated their 10 and 30 years of existence.

On Saturday,we had our usual coffee with the Mayor and Councillors. This was one of the better attended get-togethers and was ripe with potentially great ideas which we will pursue such as the formation of a Junior Advisory Council – Christine McCartney & India Robbins.

At noon today,I had our bi-monthly lunch with the Mayors of St.Lazare and Rigaud but with special guests – the Grand Chief of Kanesetake,Serge Simon better known as Otis and a councillor,Chief Lourena Montour. We are building bridges. They will be commemorating the 25 year old Oka crisis in July.

You will have undoubtedly noticed the yellow and white lines on our roads and parking lots – probably 2 months ahead of last year.

The Hudson Car Show is on again this year – July 4th. If you wish,you may consult their Facebook page.

Your D.G. will do his own State of the Nation under Item 7.

We now open our first of two periods to welcome questions from the citizens with the usual rules.