Remarques d’introduction – Conseil de Ville (2 fév. 2015)

Remarques d’introduction – Conseil de Ville (2 fév. 2015)

Remarques d’introduction

Ça fait seulement 3 semaines depuis notre dernier Conseil. Mes propos serviront également comme le rapport d’activités du Maire.

You’ll undoubtedly be pleased to know that your property tax bills were put in the mail today. The 1st instalment is due within 30 days – the 2 others are then due in 90 day intervals following the 1st instalment due date. We may proceed to 4 instalments next year to help both taxpayers and the Town manages cashflow. Unfortunately, we were not able to implement that system this year.

Avec certains réaménagements au niveau du personnel, un bureau s’est libéré et je serai dorénavant plus présent à I’Hôtel de Ville.

Proposals have now been tabled with Île Cadieux and Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac regarding the services of our Fire Dept. The ball is in their court and is mostly of a legal nature.

Your Council also met with key executives of the MRC to better understand the value of their services, the formulas used to calculate our share of their costs, and those programs from which we could withdraw which, by the way, are few and financially insignificant. Because of our financial situation, they have agreed to delay the payment schedule.

J’ai rencontré plusieurs individus concernant des projets de développement (surtout résidentiel) – certains conceptuels, d’autres embryonnaires et encore d’autres plus avances.

J’ai aussi participé à la réunion du CCU (TPAC) le 15 janvier dernier.

There have been 4 negotiation meetings with the FISA concerning the renewal of the collective agreement. All meetings, where Nicole Durand, is Council’s representative, have been conducted openly and with the greatest respect. Just yesterday, Council met and agreed to the general terms and conditions of a Final Proposal which we intend to table on Thursday, Feb.5.

J’ai aussi rencontre Mike Poirier – une institution a Hudson et maintenant propriétaire à 100% de I’Auberge Willow. II effectue beaucoup de changements au Willow au profit de la clientèle et je vous encourage d’appuyer un de nos précieux joyaux.

Hudson is retaining a lot of media attention -sometimes for the wrong reasons but often for the right reasons. As your spokesman, easily spend 4-5 hours a week with Your Local Journal, Off-lsland Gazette, l’Étoile, Premiere Edition, The Suburban and a new player, Vaudreuil Plus as well as the broadcast media, Radio and TV and a growing interest by the French Media.

Our monthly MRC Board meeting dealt with many issues – the most Important being the cost of SQ services. We will be meeting with Marie- Claude Nichols and Lucie Charlebois next Monday to address that issue as well as the regional hospital, the logistics center etc. If there is no progress in the short-term, we will consider going to the media to make our case regarding the disproportionate cost of services.

J’ai participé au lancement en conférence de presse du Relais de la Vie au profit de la Société Canadienne du Cancer qui organise un Marcheton le 29 mai prochain. On a tous été touche par le cancer – de près ou de loin. Ce vigil qui se passe la nuit avec des chandelles dans un sac de papier est une expérience émouvante. Si quelqu’un veut organiser un groupe de 15-20 personnes, ça serait la 1re fois que Hudson serait de la partie. Donnez-moi un coup de fil pour de plus amples informations.

In less than 2 weeks, on February 14 & 15, Hudson is celebrating its first ever Snowfest! Snowman’s Land is the first activity of this event where we will try to break the Guinness World Book of records for the most snowmen built in one hour. We thought that we had to build just 1,280 snowmen; but just yesterday, Ottawa broke the record by another 20! So now, it’s up to Hudson residents, kids, friends from out of town, and grandchildren to come out to build 1,300 little snowmen.

Hudson’s ‘build’ sites are behind St. Thomas School or at Jack Layton Park. Registration forms can be downloaded from the Facebook Snowman’s Land.

Hudson or can be picked up at the Community Centre. Further instructions are on those registration forms.

Or just show up at one of the sites at 10-10:30 February 14 and register at the event itself. Names have to be registered in order to be included in the Guinness World Records.

We also have been fine-tuning our strategic plan to be presented to all of you on Feb.21, Saturday between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Please make an effort to come and bring your kids. It’s their town down the road.

As a member of the Board of la CIT Presqu’Île and Transport Soleil, l am pleased to report that we will be getting a refund based on the 2012 Excise Tax application ($40,000+).

We will also be meeting with the AMT on Feb.12 to discuss our options with respect to train services to and from Hudson.

Le Comite Consultatif sur le barrage du Lac Pine devrait nous faire ses recommandations d’ici quelques semaines.

In closing would like to recognize the countless hours that your Council dedicates to the Town. Often, I get the kudos and they don’t they deserve as much recognition.

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