Le Mot du Maire – 5 octobre 2015

Le Mot du Maire – 5 octobre 2015

Lors de notre dernière réunion du Conseil,nous vous avons présenté votre nouveau D.G.,Jean-Pierre Roy.

Le lendemain,il fut présenté aux chefs de départements et ensuite  aux employés de la Ville. Since then,J.P. has been off and running. The integration has been intense. Starting with this meeting and the caucus that preceded it,J.P. has introduced a rigorous administrative system that totally involves departmental managers but facilitates the follow-up of all files to the benefit of council as well and which virtually eliminates our biggest nightmare – having issues falling between two chairs and never seeing them again.

J’ai assisté á une réunion de conciliation de la CRT en compagnie de notre D.G.,item qui sera traité ce soir. J’ai également été interrogé sur une période de 2 jours devant la CRT dans une cause ou la ville doit se défendre.

As a result of a complaint,Mr. Campbell and I were separately interrogated by an inspector from le Commissariat des Lobbyistes du Québec.  We were reminded that,going forward,promoters,developers,land owners and the like should register themselves with the Commission to have freer access to Town officials.

We finally did present the Strategic Plan and Vision on Sept.19 to a well-attended audience that seemed to give a thumbs-up to the whole approach. Even though it was a lot of work,the real sweat and tears begins now. We had mentioned that the detailed version would be on the Web Site the following Monday. Unfortunately,that didn’t happen for which we find ourselves apologizing again. The English version is now on the Website and the French one will follow as soon as possible. I would urge you to communicate your thoughts,suggestions and availability as a volunteer to a special address that you will find on the Website.

La petite séduction was in town and the town actually seduced cast and crew. La diffusion est prévue pour le printemps prochain et nous vous aviserons préalablement de la date. Merci á ceux et celles qui ont participer dans les différentes facettes du tournage.

Frank Hicks would like to say a few words about this CBC/RC weekly television show.

In the past month,Hudson and Brandon,Manitoba were proclaimed Fair Trade Towns of the year. I would invite Robert McKinnon to come up and say a few words.

The under-publicized Coffee with Mayor and Council on Sept.26 did manage to attract as many people as usual and a number of issues were underlined,primarily the unavailability of the detailed version of the Strategic Plan on the Web Site. The next Coffee will be on Oct.24th and the date of all such meetings are now on the Website.

Our interim DG,Duncan Campbell,has provided me and our new D.G. with a draft report of his observations and recommendations based on his 5 months with us. This report will be shared with Council this week and undoubtedly,many of his suggestions will be acted upon.

In conjunction with Expo-Art,we had what I have dubbed a kiss and makeup vernissage on Oct.2nd for all those artists who donated their time and talent to underline the 150th anniversary of Hudson.

Several citizens have passed away in the past month. I don’t intend to have obituaries as a regular part of my presentation but,exceptionally,I wanted to note the passing of a regular attendee at these Town Council meetings – Bill Chisolm. We wish Audrey and both their families well. Finally,Mike Poirier’s sister also left us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.

Finally,there has and is much confusion about the procedures to be followed regarding complaints or issues that residents wish to communicate to us. Write,email,phone,leave a note at the counter for the dept.head,councillor,D.G.,Town Clerk or Mayor. Inevitably,things get lost or people assume that someone else has responded. More often than not,nothing happens to the greater frustration of everyone concerned. In the future,communicate with the Town Clerk – he will then review all of the issues with the D.G. who will then assign responsibility to someone responsible with timelines and an acknowledgement. Pretty basic stuff but important for you and the Town.


Question period (15 min.)