Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de ville 3 août, 2015

Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de ville 3 août, 2015

Remarques d’ouverture – Conseil de ville 3 août, 2015

It has been a far cry from a lazy,hazy summer at Town Hall since our last Council meeting.

Avec l’aide de RCGT,nous avons scruté 40 candidatures pour 2 postes – Trésorier/Directeur de Finances et D.G. 2 Candidates were retained to be interviewed for theTreasurer position and 6 for the D.G. position. With Council support,I would invite Mr.Campbell to introduce you to the Town’s new Treasurer and Director of Finance -Mr.Serge Raymond.

Mr.Campbell and Mr.Raymond to speak.

M.Campbell et moi-même avons interviewer 6 candidats pour le poste de D.G.

Nous avons retenu 2 candidats qui seront rencontrés par les membres du conseil dans les prochains jours. If everything proceeds smoothly,we would hope to introduce you to your new D.G. at the next Town Council meeting on Sept.8.

In spite of the abundant rain,we imposed a water ban on lawn watering via sprinkler or otherwise based on the recent study by AMEC which we released at the last meeting and the overheating of pumps which could cause havoc if one were to give up the ghost. Flowers are exempt,of course,and the lifting of the ban is undetermined for the moment. We communicated that ban by Robocall with a qualified success. We need to revisit our communication systems and bring them up to date.

Your Council met on July 29th to review,refine the Strategic Plan to be presented publicly on Sept.19. Several more meetings are scheduled including a dry-run presentation to staff.

On July 24th,we responded to several queries and objections about the TOD concept and definition by organizing a meeting with two of the more outspoken residents,Keith Heller and Fred Dumoulin,with the Prefect of the MRC,Jean Lalonde,an urban planner from the MRC and the Mayor of Vaudreuil-Dorion,Guy Pilon,who is the sole voting member of the CMM. Nous procèderons à une présentation via M.Pilon dans les prochaines semaines.

Le 24 juillet dernier,M.Campbell,Paul Boudreau et moi-même avons rencontrés un certain nombre de résidents de la rue Cambridge pour entendre et proposer des solutions de rechange afin d’éviter des accidents tragiques. Le dossier suit son cours avec l’installation de dos d’âne,entre autres.

On July 10th,I attended the 10th anniversary dinner of the History Museum in the open-air courtyard in the back. The next day was followed by a tea.

On July 11th,I attended the 25th Commemoration ceremonies of the Oka crisis where Grand Chief Otis and myself,on behalf of Hudson, exchanged letters of friendship.

July 18th was the launch of the Trail Interpretation panels in the Clarke-Sydenham conservation area as organized by Le Nichoir.

The rest of July was filled with land-art,commemorating our 150th,Street Fair,le début the Festival de Musique de Hudson – 10eme édition avec une salle comble à l’église St.Thomas d’Aquin pour entendre le Montreal Jubilation Choir – and there is much more on the way. A vernissage of pre-determined paintings took place yesterday right here at the Community Centre and will be displayed throughout the entire month,all realized by Local artists as an exposition of the memory of Hudson through history.

Council and I would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers that

allows this magic to happen.

1st Question period.