Word from the Mayor – March 7, 2016

Word from the Mayor – March 7, 2016

HYDRO    Since our last Town Council meeting, the most significant event that affected Hudson was the power outage that occurred on Feb.25 ending close to 24 hours later for most Hudson customers. Emergency measures were declared since 1,398 residents were affected, with temperatures expected to reach the minus mid-teens that night. The community centre was opened to the public during that day, throughout the evening and into the next day when power restoration was expected. Cots provided by the Red Cross as well as coffee and munchies were also available.

Under the skillful management of our Fire Department team, we had 19 mobile generators to aid failing sump pumps and other applications. All in all, no one froze and we are all here to tell yet another hydro survival story.  I would also like to mention the hard work of our Town Manager, Jean Pierre Roy for taking the lead and Nicolas Pedneault for his help with the community centre set-up.   And thank you St. Lazare for their offer of assistance.

TAXES  As already announced, the town’s evaluators, chosen by the MRC,  will be here tomorrow night to explain the process they use to evaluate property values.  This will be followed by one-on-one discussions with residents who have already expressed their disagreement with their evaluation. If an agreement cannot be reached, provincial law requires that residents protest their opposition by filing a form to that effect by April 30th.

GOVERNANCE  We have now been in office for a little more than two years. For people with virtually no municipal experience and without well-intentioned guidance, it’s been an experience. We have made our mistakes along the way and inherited situations that shocked us. 2 DGs, 2 interim DGs and 3 Treasurers later as well as many HR issues, I now believe we’re on the right track, willing to realize your vision of Hudson. We have no time for the naysayers from the past who specialize in the demolition of Hudson’s future.  We cannot allow them to return Hudson to THEIR past.  A successful town is not built with negativity.  Our thrust is to go forward with a constructive offence based on a strategic plan that all Hudson residents were invited to help develop.

Certain people have accused us of confidentiality or lack of transparency at every turn. One case in point is the complaint filed by one of our own Town Councillors with MAMOT who then transferred it to the Quebec Municipal Commission for a hearing (PERHAPS) to begin in the next month or so. When the complaint was tabled, The Gazette and La Presse pleaded that the information contained should be publicly released. Even though the Town did support this confidentiality request at the time out of respect for other councillors,staff members and eminent members of the community ,il n’en demeurent pas moins 151 allégations signés sous serment par un de vos propres conseillers contre plusieurs d’entre nous qui sommes engagés d’aller de l’avant pour faire avancer les fortunes de Hudson.   These OPINIONS were allegedly authored by the suspended DG’s defence attorney. Strangely,there are too many similarities between this complaint and others – CRT,UPAC,,Commission du Lobbyisme du Quebec,suspension of employee #721,to the point that the same words,style,names in identical sequence are used. I ask you whether you think this concentration of accusations emanate from the same source?

Please remember also that the vast number of legal costs are directly attributable to these complaints.

Personal opinions should not be allowed to smear the reputations of innocent people, costing Hudson thousands of dollars to defend them.

Get on the bandwagon to build a winning town – it’s doable, but you have to be part of it.

As for myself, I intend to see this through! I have never been a quitter AND DO NOT INTEND TO START NOW.