Interested in working as an elections staff during the 2021 municipal elections?
Application form


  • Remember: Health and safety measures will be in place to keep you safe.
  • Interested persons must be available for mandatory training which will be held in the evening in October. Many positions will be available for the board of revision, for advance polling and for the November 7th general election polling day. Positions needed include:
      • Deputy Returning Officer: Ensure that polling is properly conducted, ensure the secrecy of the vote, identification of voters, remit ballot papers, proceed with the counting of the votes.
      • Primo: (Officer in charge of information and order) Responsible for the hall, to maintain order at polling stations, facilitate the exercise of the right to vote, supervise and assist election staff in carrying out their respective tasks.
      • Poll Clerk: Assist the deputy returning officer in the carrying out of his duties, indicate on the electoral list the names of electors who voted.
      • Identity Verification Member: Verify the identity of electors who could not establish their identity while voting, receive and analyse documents submitted by the voters, confirm the decision to voters.
      • Revisor: Review and update the electoral list submitted and ensure that changes requested have been included.
  • Persons interested in working for the municipal election are asked to complete and return the Application Form above by no later than October 1st.


Functions remunerated on a flat rate basis:
Fonction Flat rate remuneration on polling day or advance poll (Election and referendum)
Deputy returning officer $225
Secretary $225
PRIMO $250
Any other officer present on all of polling or advance polling day $160
Member of the “table d’accueil” / PRIMO-helper $200
Member of an identity verification panel $160
“Monteur de salle” $80 to prepare the room setup for advance poll $100 to prepare the room setup on polling day
Functions remunerated on an hourly basis:
Fonctions Remuneration (Election & referendum)
Member of a board of revisors $25 / h
Any other officer hired on an hourly basis, any person designated to voting by electors at their domiciles who are unable to move and any officer hired for the purposes of a registry according to the Act on Elections and Referendums. For the purpose of the application of this remuneration, if the function is occupied by a person who is also a municipal employee, he/she shall receive the highest remuneration between $15 and the remuneration provided for by his/her employment contract with the municipality.
Any election or referendum officer receives a remuneration of $50 for attendance at a training session. Insofar as persons are recruited as substitutes, an amount of $60 plus the amount for the training session will be paid.