Water Levels – May 3rd

Water Levels – May 3rd

Water levels are very high right now and are predicted to rise starting Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. We ask all our citizens along the shore line to be cautious and advise us if help is needed. The town has sandbags ready and available in the public works parking lot. The bags cannot be delivered but any Hudson citizen can come pick them up. You can call the station to advise us so we can prepare bags but there is approximately a reserve of 100 bags at this time.

Also, anyone that is on a private well and is affected by the flooding and has no access to clean drinking water, you can come to the fire station as we have bottled water available.

Here is a link that can be used to get more information on the flood watch and how to be prepared.  Urgence Québec – Floods 2017

To contact us:

Fire Station: 450-458-4011

Community Patrol: 514-219-5383

INFORMATION 311                EMERGENCIES 911