The Red Cross is offering additional financial aid to 2017 spring flood victims

The Red Cross is offering additional financial aid to 2017 spring flood victims

2017 Spring Floods : Assistance toward Recovery



Financial assistance according to your needs, to help you on your way to a normal life.

      • $3,200 for resident homeowners
      • $1,000 for resident tenants

Who ?

You are eligible for financial assistance if:

      • You are a resident homeowner* or tenant whose main residence has been lost to the floods or has suffered major damage. Major damage is defined here as damage to essential living space (such as kitchen, washroom, bedrooms) or to infrastructure so
        that the residence is uninhabitable, due to risk to the health or safety of its inhabitants.
      • You have already received an amount of 600$ in direct assistance from the Red Cross. If your home has been flooded, it is not too late for you to register in order to obtain this amount.
        * Resident homeowners with a property value of $500 000 or more are not eligible.

Additional financial assistance may be offered to you if :

      • In addition to being a resident homeowner* or tenant, your financial situation is precarious;
      • You are self-employed and your place of work is at home, and your home has been lost to the floods or has suffered major damage
      • You are a resident homeowner* and your septic tank or artesian well is no longer functional;
      • You are a resident homeowner* or tenant with three or more dependents.

How ?

      • A Red Cross representative will assess your needs through a meeting in person or a phone conversation.
      • Get in touch with the Red Cross for more details: 1 800 863-6582
      • Following an assessment, the amount you are eligible to receive will be sent by electronic transfer, the quickest and safest way for you to receive financial assistance toward recovery. If this method is not suitable for you, we will agree on another means

Need more information ? Click –  Red Cross – Spring Flooding in Québec  | 1 800 863-6582

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