Test of the Québec En Alerte system – Wednesday November 28th at 2:55 pm

Test of the Québec En Alerte system – Wednesday November 28th at 2:55 pm

The Ministère de la Sécurité publique (MSP) wishes to inform the public that a test of the Québec En Alerte system will be conducted on November 28, at 2:55 pm, as part of a test day in all provinces and territories in Canada.

To this end, a test message, stating this is not a real situation and there is no danger to the health or safety of citizens, will be broadcast throughout Québec on compatible cell phones connected to LTE networks, on radio, on television, on the MSP website and on the MSP Twitter and Facebook accounts.  The MSP also broadcasts an English message for broadcasters serving an English-speaking audience.

The Alert system is a pan-Canadian initiative, available across Canada. Since April 2018, when alerts began to be broadcast on cell phones, more than 100 emergency alerts have been successfully transmitted across the country and have saved lives.

Broadcasters and telecommunication companies have the obligation, by virtue of a CRTC decision, to be connected to the alert system and to automatically broadcast the warning messages on their airwaves.

The MSP is responsible for periodically testing the system for proper operation. Testing is an important step in ensuring everyone’s safety.

Alert on cell phones:

Not all citizens will receive the alert test on their mobile phone. To receive the alert, the cell phone must be compatible and connected to an LTE network when the alert is initiated.