Stay vigilant! The importance of removing snow from your roof

During the winter when the periods of thaw, rain and snow overlap, this mixture causes an increase in the density of the snow, which becomes even heavier. Property owners are the ones responsible for the safety of those who frequent their buildings, work in them, or access them.

Call a specialist

When snow clearing is necessary, it is important to entrust this task to companies with appropriate methods and equipment so as not to damage the waterproofing membrane of the roof. If you want to clear the roof yourself, it is recommended to do so from the ground, using a roof scraper with a telescopic handle to prevent any risk of falling.

Do consider that the removal of snow from a roof is an operation which is hazardous as much for the person who is up on the roof as for anyone who circulates around the house. Besides the risk of a fall, one needs also considering the proximity of any electrical wiring and installations.

Watch for the warning signs

Generally speaking, our roofs are built to withstand the snow loads of Québec winters. However, you must exert close vigilance when the accumulations of snow become exceptional or atypical.

Signs to watch for:

  • Cracks appearing on interior walls.
  • Interior doors jamming or rubbing against the frame.
  • Conspicuous creaking noises.
  • Deformation or buckling of a ceiling.

If these signs are present, you should evacuate the building and take the necessary actions to remove the snow load from the roof.

For more information, see the Think Safety at Home section of the RBQ website