Spring flood update – Sunday April 28th 2019


A rise in water levels of approximately 6 cm is forecast between now and Monday. According to the Direction générale de la sécurité civile, there is no significant precipitation forecast for the province until Wednesday. Beginning next Wednesday and Thursday, a new system in the south of the province may come into play. The regions most likely to be affected are the Ottawa River Valley, the Montreal, Montérégie and Estrie regions. See the forecast below.

NO VOLUNTEERS required at this time for Monday, April 29th. Thanks to your help today we now have 2000 sandbags in reserve. Town employees will be at the municipal garage, 529 Main, on Wednesday April 24th  from 8 am – 8 pm to lend a hand to riverside residents who come to fill and collect sandbags. Property owners are strongly advised to bring shovels and manpower to help with filling their sandbags.

RIVERSIDE RESIDENTS: The dedicated phone number: 450-458-4011 remains operational 24/7.

MAIN between BELLEVUE and MONTÉE MANSON: is restricted to local traffic only. Click on the map: http://bit.ly/2INt8cK for additional information


Ottawa River at Carillon dam :
April 28 : 9,599 m3/s
April 29 : 9,686 m3/s
April 30 : 9,646 m3/s

Lake of Two Mountains at Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue :
April 28 : 24.69 m
April 29 : 24.75 m
April 30 : 24.74 m

For more information: Surveillance de la crue des eaux