Bi-weekly green waste pickup every 2nd Wednesday from June 5th to September 25th 2019

Green residues are vegetable matter produced during gardening, horticulture or landscaping work, and include the following materials:

  • conifer needles;
  • branches and roots less than 1 cm in diameter;
  • bark;
  • flowers and houseplants;
  • grass and leaves;
  • weeds;
  • hedge cuttings;
  • sawdust, shavings and wood chips treated or not contaminated with paint or stain;
  • potting soil in small quantities;
  • peat, sod;

Items not accepted:
Branches, stumps, rocks, earth

Paper bags only. Plastic bags will not be picked up.
Paper bags will not be supplied by the Town

  • The paper bags must be placed curb-side before 7 A.M. the day of the collection.
  • Close the bags and keep them sheltered from the elements.
  • Green waste, such as vegetable and garden waste, needles and cones, grass and leaves, is acceptable in the collection
  • Branches, logs, overweight or torn bags are not accepted and will not be collected.

Recover green waste at home !

  • Compost fallen leaves and grass directly on your lawn
  • Mulch your leaves with your lawn mower!  By decomposing on the surface of your lawn, the leaves bring mineral elements in addition to those provided by grass clippings, compost or natural fertilizers.
  • Compost your green waste in your domestic compost bin
  • Store your leaves for use in your compost bin all year long.

Leaf compost is an excellent conditioner that corrects soils that are too impermeable or too porous by absorbing 300 to 500% its weight in water.

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Branch collection: Begins May 21st – no registration necessary

We will be passing on each street only once – branches MUST be out by 7 am TUESDAY MAY 21st.
• The quantity and volume cannot exceed 3 m long x 3 m deep x 1.5 m high.
• The branch diameter cannot exceed 10 cm.
• The larger branch tips must be placed towards the street to accelerate the shredding operations.
• Logs, stumps and roots are not accepted.
• Branches must not contain debris/garbage (e.g.: stones, metal pieces, green residues).
• Branches must be placed curb-side before 7 am on Tuesday May 21st AND NO MORE THAN 7 days prior