Fire Prevention Week is October 6th to 12th 2019!

Prevention week is nearly upon us and we would like all residents to be aware of fire safety and emergency preparedness. Practicing fire drills at home, making sure your smoke detectors are functioning properly and are not expired and knowing how to escape your home and meeting at one common spot away from the home are important for your life safety.

General notes for your family:

  • 1 smoke detector per floor (not older than 7-10 yrs.)
  • Change batteries when you change the time on November 3rd 2019
  • Test your detectors once a month and vacuum them often to avoid dust build up
  • Make an Evacuation plan with the family, including a meeting point away from the house in an emergency to avoid members going back in the home.
  • For additional information, go to the Québec Public Security site at:

Reminder: La Grande Evacuation Wednesday Oct 9th 2019 from 6 pm to 8 pm. More details HERE

We are also having a little contest during prevention week. You can win the opportunity to be a firefighter for a day. More details HERE.

Any questions can be directed to the prevention department at the Hudson fire department at

Bob the Chef : kitchen fires (in French)

Bob the Chef : cooking appliances (in French)