Public notice: demolition permit request 890 Main Road

Notice is hereby given by Diane Duhaime, Assistant Town Clerk
THAT the members of the demolition committee, at a meeting to be held on February 19th, 2020 at 7:00 pm at Halcro Cottage, located at 539, Main, Hudson, will decide on the demolition project related to the following building:

890 Main Road

A person wishing to oppose to the demolition must do so, within ten days of publication of the public notice, that is before February 17th, 2020, or, failing such notice, within ten days following the posting of the notice on the immovable concerned, by writing to the Town Clerk, giving the reasons for objecting at the following address: 481, Main, Hudson (Quebec), J0P 1H0.

Given at Hudson
This 7th day of February 2020

Diane Duhaime
Assistant Town Clerk