Public Notice – Call for tenders; resurfacing of streets

Public Notice – Call for tenders; resurfacing of streets


The Town of Hudson is seeking public tenders for the repairs of several sections of municipal road by resurfacing.

The tender documents are available on the SEAO website.

The bids must be submitted, by whichever shipping method chosen, in sealed envelopes and marked:

« Resurfacing of streets»

and be received at, 64, Cedar, Hudson, before 11:00 am on May 7th, 2018. Tenders received will be opened publicly, immediately after the receipt deadline. Tenders will only be accepted if they are duly submitted on the form provided by the Town.

The lowest or any tender will not be necessarily accepted, nor shall the Town of Hudson incur any obligation or cost whatsoever with respect to the tenderers.

For information, bidders should contact Iain Dalgarno, Director Infrastructure, Work Planning and Water Treatment Services, at (450) 458-5347.

Given at Hudson
On April 19th 2018

Mélissa Legault
Town Clerk