Public consultation: draft amendment to the 2015-2020 Residual Materials Management Plan (RMMP) for Metropolitan Montréal

Development process of the draft amendment of the 2015-2020 RMMP

During its October 4, 2018, meeting, the executive committee of the Montréal Metropolitan Community (MMC) mandated the commission on the environment to examine and propose changes to the 2015-2020 Residual Materials Management Plan (RMMP) for Metropolitan Montréal in response to the current crisis regarding the selective collection of recyclable materials. The RMMP development process is now at a critical step, as we embark on a series of public consultations.

As stipulated by legislation, the draft amendment of the RMMP is being disclosed as part of a public consultation process designed to allow those interested in this issue to offer their comments and opinions.

The 2015-2020 RMMP focuses on several issues, orientations and measures. The changes made aim to enhance certain orientations as well as add to or modify various measures;

• Reducing the amount of containers, packaging and printed matter
• Increasing the rates charged to businesses that use containers, packaging and printed matter, based on the extent to which the materials chosen are recyclable
• Reducing the use of plastic
• Modernizing the deposit-return system
• Controlling sorting centre output
• Informing, educating and increasing the awareness of citizens, industry, merchants and institutions as to the importance of participating in activities targeting waste prevention and the recovery and development of waste materials.

The Commission will hold public consultation sessions on the following dates, times and locations:

North Shore Wednesday May 15th 2019 at 7 pm Club de golf Le Blainvillier
200, rue du Blainvillier
Blainville J7C 4X6
Montreal Friday May 17th 2019 at 2 pm and at 7 pm Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal
1002, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, bureau 2400
Montréal H3A 3L6
Laval Wednesday May 22nd 2019 at 7 pm Château Royal
3500, boulevard du Souvenir
Laval H7V 1X2
South Shore Thursday May 23rd 2019 at 7 pm Plaza Rive-Sud
500, avenue du Golf
La Prairie J5R 0A5
Longueuil Monday May 27th 2019 at 7 pm Hôtel Le Mortagne
1228, rue Nobel
Boucherville J4B 5H1

The public consultations regarding the draft amendment of the RMMP are solely intended to hear formal opinions, comments and suggestions regarding the matter under consideration. The MMC will hear anyone who wishes to speak up regarding the issue. Interested parties must first submit their opinions or thoughts by means of a written statement, which can be accompanied by oral comments during the planned public consultation meetings. A questionnaire is also provided on the website so that everyone can express their opinion on the proposals:

Anyone wishing to make their opinion known must fill in the online registration form ( by May 3, 2019. The name and contact details (address, telephone number and e-mail address) of the person who will be speaking at the meeting must be provided, along with the preferred public consultation site for this purpose. The date of the meeting and order of the speakers will be confirmed by e-mail.

All statements must be submitted to the MMC by no later than 4:00 p.m. on May 10, 2019. Statements can consist of a paper or an electronic version. The statements must be in a letter format (8½ by 11 in.) and include a summary of no more than two pages:

Submitting a statement
• By e-mail (unprotected PDF or Word document):
• By mail, to Montréal Metropolitan Community, 1002, rue Sherbrooke O., # 2400, Montréal (Québec) H3A 3L6
• By hand at the Montréal Metropolitan Community reception desk
• On the Montréal Metropolitan Community Web site, at

Relevant documentation
The Draft amendment of the 2015-2020 RMMP 2015-2020 as well as the Public consultation guide can be found on the Montréal Metropolitan Community Web site ( under the tab “Consultation publique PMGMR” (RMMP Public consultation). A paper version of the Draft amendment of the 2015-2020 RMMP can be consulted at the following locations: the city halls and municipal offices of all 84 municipalities concerned by the RMMP; the 19 Montréal borough offices; and, the 3 Longueuil borough offices.