Mayor’s report on the financial situation

Mayor’s report on the financial situation

Mayor’s report on the financial situation

In accordance with Article 474.1 of the Cities and Towns Act, I hereby submit to the population the annual report on the Town’s financial situation.

Preliminary indications concerning the financial statements of the current financial year (2014)

The current year should end within budget estimates. The result of this fiscal year will be presented by the auditor during the March 2015 Town Council Meeting. In 2015 the taxable value of all properties will be $1,028,344,100.

General budget orientations in 2015 and for the next 3 years (capital expenditures)

  • Public Works
    • Road network repairs
    • New road signs (downtown revitalization)
  • Culture & Tourism
    • Promote the Town’s many attractions and thus encourage its economic development
  • Parks & Recreation
    • Family policy
    • New recreation facilities (skate park, playgrounds and rest area)
    • Improvements to trails and signage
  • Urban Planning
    • Revision of by-laws
    • Development plan
  • Environmental Health
    • Collection of organic waste
    • Standardization of bins (household refuse) to reduce cost of service
    • Environmental policy
    • Aqueducts and sewers

List of contracts involving an expenditure of over $25,000
This list is annexed to the present report.

List of contracts with the same contracting party and involving an expenditure of more than $2,000 when the total expenditure exceeds $25,000
This list is also annexed to the present report.

The date of the Special Meeting for the tabling of the 2015 budget is December 17th, 2014.

Given at Hudson, this 3rd day of November, 2014.

Ed Prévost