Mayor’s remarks – February 1, 2016

Mayor’s remarks – February 1, 2016

I will keep this short and sweet!

Garbage was picked up every two weeks last winter for a 3 month period. This year, it is being picked up every week as per the new contract. We will re-evaluate for next year.

Several residents have been upset with the amount of tax increases – mostly because of the impact of property values. As you know, we have had to re-evaluate properties this year as legally prescribed. We are meeting with the evaluators this week to understand the basics of their work that we will share with you thereafter.

In March, we will provide you with a shorter version of the Strategic Plan, better known as a Vision and Mission Statement where you will be asked to comment, suggest. That will be forwarded by mail where we will also ask you to provide telephone nos. including cells and email addresses.

Coffee with Mayor and Councilors – that has been an underwhelming experience! We will consider other formats.

Question period.