Major winter storm – safety precautions in winter conditions

The storm anticipated for a few days is now upon us. The rapid accumulation of snow could make travel difficult in some places and visibility will suddenly be reduced to almost zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow. Abundant snow and strong winds will greatly affect travel on many of Québec’s major highways.

Drivers and drivers of heavy vehicles are urged to exercise caution and adapt their driving to suit road conditions. In addition, non-essential travel should be delayed or postponed.

Before taking to the road:

  • Check road conditions and visibility conditions on various Quebec platforms 511 (see link below);
  • Ensure your vehicle is well prepared for the rigors of the cold season and equipped with a first aid kit; and
  • Remove snow completely from your vehicle; windows, mirrors, roof, hood, headlights and licence plate.

*** Clearing snow off your vehicle:

The presence of snow or ice on a vehicle traveling on public roads represents a potential danger for other road users. Snow blowing off your vehicle can significantly reduce visibility, while flying ice can injure pedestrians, damage cars and even cause accidents.

While on the road:

  • Adapt your speed to the weather and road conditions;
  • Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and one ahead of you;
  • Be patient in the presence of winter maintenance vehicles and make sure to be visible to their drivers: as these vehicles have blind spots that we must be wary of!

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