Opera & Beyond presents: Idomeneo (Mozart)

Set in Greece after the Trojan War, the opera Idomeneo premiered on January 29, 1781, at the Cuvilliés Theatre that was once located in the Munich Palace in Munich, Germany. This is considered to be one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s first great operas, written when he was just 24 years old. Although Mozart wrote the music, Giambattista Varesco wrote the words in Italian.

Summary: After the fall of Troy, King Idomeneo can finally dream of returning to his homeland after a long absence, during which his son Idamante ensured the continuity of his reign and guarded Trojan prisoners, including Ilia, King Priam’s daughter.  To escape from a terrible storm that is keeping him from reaching Crete, Idomeneo promises Neptune to sacrifice the first living being he encounters upon landing.Unfortunately, it is his own son who greets him in his native land.By offering her own life in exchange for that of Idamante, whom she loves and who loves her, Illia manages to get Neptune to yield and to deliver Idomeneo from his fateful vow.

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