Municipal Elections: November 7th, 2021

VERIFY if you are on the list of electors:

Make sure that your name is entered on the list of electors and that your information is correct. You have the responsibility to do so.

During the election period, make sure that your name is written on the notice that the Town will mail you. If it is not, you must go to the location indicated on that notice to register or to modify your registration. If you want to vote, your name must be registered on the list of electors. You can also contact the returning officer of the Town to know more.

In addition, if you are the owner of a building (cottage, apartment building, etc.) or if you occupy a business establishment (as a tenant of a commercial space housing a restaurant or a hair salon, for example), you can confirm your entry on the list of electors by contacting the returning officer of the Town:


On Sunday November 7th, 2021, you will be invited to exercise your duty as a citizen during municipal elections.  As provided by law, the municipal council will dissolve in the fall. The position of mayor and the positions of the six municipal councilors will therefore be open to nominations.

You can start preparing for them now, as a voter, a candidate or even by working at the elections. See the booklet: Municipal general election November 7, 2021 – All you need to know to vote.

For the November 2021 elections, the Town has put in place measures to promote the greatest participation possible by opting for voting by mail, which is offered to voters over 70 and certain other eligible voters.

LIST OF OFFICIAL CANDIDATES – this list is updated on an on-going basis by the DGEQ as candidates submit their nomination paper.

At the end of the nomination period, which occurs on Friday October 1st, 2021 at 4:30 pm, if only one nomination paper for a position is received, the returning officer shall declare that candidate elected.

For information on elections, refer to the Act Respecting Elections and Referendums in Municipalities (RLRQ, chapter E-2.2), the website of the Chief Electoral Officer: and the Elections Québec Municipal Elections site.

Public Notices

Public Notice of the Revision of the Municipal List of Electors: Click here

Communiqué: 2021 General Elections: Click here

Declaration of the election of a candidate elected without opposition, District 2 (Hudson – East), Click here

Declaration of the election of a candidate elected without opposition, District 3 (Hudson – Centre), Click here

Declaration of the election of a candidate elected without opposition, District 6 (West), Click here

Public Notice of Election – Poll of November 7th, 2021: Click here

Addendum to the Public Notice of Election – Poll of November 7th, 2021: Click here

Important dates to remember


  • Application for voting by mail for eligible voters:
  • Recruitment of election staff
  • Authorization of an elector who undertakes to run as an independent candidate


  • Beginning of the electoral period


  • First day to file a nomination paper (by appointment only).
  • Nomination papers will be accepted from:
    • September 21st to 23rd: 8:30 AM to Noon, and from 1 PM to 4:30 PM,
    • September 28th to 30th: 8:30 AM to Noon, and from 1 PM to 4:30 PM.


  • Last day to file a nomination paper: from 9 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Proclamation of election of candidates elected without opposition.


  • Last day to receive applications for entry and powers of attorney of non-domiciled electors before the filing of the electoral list. Applications received after this date will be forwarded to the Board of Revisors.


  • First mailing of ballot papers for voting by mail


Dates of the meetings of the Board of Revisors of the electoral list (64 Cedar) :

  • October 19th (1 PM to 10 PM)
  • October 25th (8:30 AM to 4 PM)


  • Last day to receive a voting by mail application from an eligible elector.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 31st (9:30 AM to 8 PM)

  • Advance poll


  • Last day to receive a mail-in ballot from an eligible elector

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7th (9:30 AM to 8 PM)

  • Polling day.
  • End of the electoral period at 8 PM
  • Counting of the ballots at 8 PM
  • Announcement of results at approximately 10 PM

Qualified voters

To be eligible to vote, you must:

  • be 18 years old on November 7th, 2021

AND, as of September 1st. 2021:

  • be a Canadian citizen,
  • not be under curatorship,
  • not be declared guilty of an infraction which constitutes an election fraud manoeuvre.

AND, on this same date, you must fulfil one of the two (2) following conditions:

  • be domiciled in the Town of Hudson and, for at least six (6) months, in Québec, or
  • have been, for at least twelve (12) months, the owner of an immovable or the occupant of a business establishment, within the meaning of the Act respecting municipal taxation, situated in the territory of the Town of Hudson.


*NEW* Voting by mail for eligible voters


Voting by mail allows eligible people who have made an application to vote without having to travel. Electors who chose to use this voting method may vote at any time, provided the deadlines are respected. Voting by mail is as secure as the regular voting.

The double envelope system is a guarantee of confidentiality for the elector. No one can know who the elector voted for. In addition, the procedures established at the polling stations ensure that electors only vote once.

Application to vote by mail

To vote by mail, you must apply by communicating with the Returning Officer no later than October 27, 2021.

The application of a voter whose isolation is ordered or recommended by the Public Health authorities due to the COVID-19 pandemic can only be made as of October 17, 2021.

Applications can be submitted by email at or by telephone at 450-458-5347, extension 225.

Eligibility requirements for voting by mail

You are eligible to vote by mail if:

  • You are domiciled and will be 70 years of age or older on November 7, 2021.
  • You are domiciled and you are unable to travel for health reasons or you are a caregiver domiciled at the same address.
  • You are domiciled in a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD), a rehabilitation centre or a private seniors’ residence (RPA) listed in the register established under the Act respecting health services and social services, chapter 4.2, or if you are hospitalized.
  • You are domiciled and in isolation as ordered or recommended by public health authorities because you:
    • have returned from a trip abroad for less than 14 days.
    • have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are still considered a carrier of the disease.
    • have symptoms of COVID-19.
    • have been in contact with a suspected, probable or confirmed case of COVID-19 for less than 14 days.
    • are awaiting a test result for COVID-19.

How to vote by mail

Each of the eligible voters who have submitted an application for voting by mail by October 27th 2021 will receive a “voting by mail” package. This package contains the documents electors will use to exercise their right to vote. This kit will contain, namely:

  • easy-to-understand instructions for the elector
  • a declaration by the elector
  • the ballot paper (position of Mayor and / or position of councillor)
  • three envelopes: the first for mailing, the second is a secret ballot envelope in which the elector includes his or her ballot paper(s); the third is a stamped return envelope, of a distinct color, intended to contain the declaration of the elector, the secret ballot envelope containing the ballot paper(s) as well as a photocopy of an identity document that the elector must include (Quebec health insurance card, driver’s license, Canadian passport, Indian status certificate or Canadian Armed Forces identity card)

Voting by mail will end at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, November 5, 2021, and the counting of votes will take place on November 7, 2021.

Non-domiciled owners (forms)

A quick reminder…

The last day to receive applications for entry and powers of attorney of non-domiciled electors before the filing of the electoral list is Sunday, October 3rd. Applications received after this date will be forwarded to the Board of Revisors.

Notice to sole owners of an immovable and to undivided co-owners: Click here

Is your domicile located outside the municipality?: Click here

Co-owners Power of attorney and application to vote by mail: Click here

Sole owners Application for registration and application to vote by mail: Click here

Electoral districts and where to vote


The municipality’s territory is divided into six electoral districts. The districts are designated by numbers 1 through 6 and their boundaries vary according to population density.

Electoral Districts

District 1 – Como

District 2 – Eastern Hudson

District 3 – Central Hudson

District 4 – Fairhaven

District 5 – Eastern Heights

District 6 – West End

Electoral Districts Map 2016  (for consultation purposes only)

By-law 673 Concerning the division of the Town into 6 electoral districts

Important Notice
Any electoral district map available on this site is an administrative version, for your sole convenience. The official versions of these maps are kept at Town Hall, in the official copy of By-Law 673. In the event of a contradiction between an administrative version and an official version, the official version shall prevail. In the event of a contradiction between a French version and an English version, the French version shall prevail.


Date: Sunday, October 31st, from 9:30 AM to 8 PM
Location: Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre, 394 Main Road, Hudson J0P 1H0


Date : Sunday,November 7th, from 9:30 AM to 8 PM
Location: Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre, 394 Main Road, Hudson J0P 1H0


Consult the list of official candidates by clicking here.

Election signs – rules to follow: Click here.

Policy of reserving the Town’s community hall

For all candidates who have submitted their candidacy, a policy of reserving the Town’s community hall applies.
Please contact the reception desk at Town Hall for more information.

Election staff

The Returning Officer of the Town of Hudson is presently recruiting and appointing the election staff required for the 2021 municipal elections.

Interested persons must be available for mandatory training which will be held in the evening, in October. Many positions will be available for the board of revision, for advance polling and for the November 7th general election polling day. Positions needed include:

  • Deputy Returning Officer: Ensure that polling is properly conducted, ensure the secrecy of the vote, identification of voters, remit ballot papers, proceed with the counting of the votes.
  • Primo: (Officer in charge of information and order) Responsible for the hall, to maintain order at polling stations, facilitate the exercise of the right to vote, supervise and assist election staff in carrying out their respective tasks.
  • Poll Clerk: Assist the deputy returning officer in the carrying out of his duties, indicate on the electoral list the names of electors who voted.
  • Identity Verification Member: Verify the identity of electors who could not establish their identity while voting, receive and analyse documents submitted by the voters, confirm the decision to voters.
  • Revisor: Review and update the electoral list submitted and ensure that changes requested have been included.

Persons interested in working for the municipal election are asked to complete and return the Job Application Form below.

Only the selected candidates will be contacted.

 Job Application Form  : Click here

Contact info

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