Canada 150 Mural Project: We are Canada

“Nous sommes le Canada – We are Canada”


This project, funded by a $15,000 grant from the Federal Government as part of the Canada 150 celebrations and a matching contribution of $15,000 by the Town of Hudson, is the creation of a large mural on the exterior wall of the Hudson Legion, attached to the Stephen Shaar Community Centre.

Through the solicitation of ideas from our current and former residents, the goal is to identify iconic events, people, architecture, and landscapes that represent both Hudson’s and Canada’s first 150 years, and to illustrate our town’s vision of a future  Hudson and Canada. The objective is to have as many members as possible of our community participate and to create something truly unique and highly visible.

It is a great opportunity to highlight the history of Hudson and of Canada.

Although the mural is the final, and most visible part of this project, soliciting ideas from the public forms the foundation of this project.

The painting of the mural will be a community affair with an open invitation to ail citizens to contribute to the final product and in so doing, celebrating our achievements as Canadians, all the while looking forward into the future.

Do you have an idea that you would like to submit? Simply complete the form below. We are accepting suggestions until September 30th.