Cultural Policy

The Town of Hudson has begun the process of creating its Cultural Policy. This is a highly consultative process meant to ensure that a broad range of voices from our very vibrant, passionate, and diverse arts and culture community are represented and have an opportunity to contribute to this policy.

As a first step, a Culture Committee will be created. In very general terms, the Committee’s purpose will be to:

  • Review the current DRAFT policy and propose changes / improvements;
  • Seek input from the arts and culture community regarding the content of the policy; and
  • Create a FINAL version of the Cultural Policy for Council’s approval.

In addition to regular meetings, committee members will be expected to attend the majority of public consultation sessions and should anticipate a commitment of 9 months to 1 year from project kickoff to project completion.

Nominations for potential members are now closed. Thank  you to everyone who submitted a nomination.

Nomination emails must contain the following information in order to be considered:

  • Your name;
  • Name of the individual you are nominating and contact information (ex: email address);
  • Field of expertise; and
  • The reasons why you (or this individual) would be an asset to the committee.

All nominations received by the deadline will be reviewed by a selection committee. Selection criteria include but are not limited to the nominee’s:

  • Knowledge;
  • Experience; and
  • Ability to work as a constructive member of a highly productive and cohesive team.

A shortlist of nominees will be forwarded to Town Council for approval; selected individuals will be contacted in late September, early October.