Community art project « Lignes d’eau »

The Town of Hudson, in collaboration with the Centre Intégré de Santé et Services sociaux de la Montérégie Ouest (CISSSMO), invites those who have been affected by the 2017 floods, including homeowners, volunteers, and emergency service personnel, to participate in a community art project with the artist Tina Struthers. Creation workshops will be held at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre, 394 Main Road, Hudson on:

  • Tuesday, November 13th from 1:30 to 3:30 pm,
  • Monday, November 19th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, and
  • Saturday December 8th from 9:30 am to 11:30 am (during Breakfast with Santa).

To register, or for more information, contact Laura McCaffrey at 450-458-6699, ext 226 or via email at: No artistic talent is required! Join us for a few minutes or a few hours; share stories and create a piece of what will become a beautiful work of public art paying tribute to our community.

What you will be doing during the workshop

During the creation process, we will work with textile elements that remind us of the flow of water, and with copper wires, symbol of the danger represented by rising water and electricity. Participants will be invited to create forms of memories wrapped in different colors. These creations will be placed to create lines in the final work representing the lines of the flood of rising and falling waters. The title of the work will be developed by the participants.

Artistic approach

The 2017 flood becomes a metaphor for the flood of life. The invisible traces or scars that are left, are an inevitable part of the journey of human life. Individuals have been affected by the material loss of their memories. When the water receded, it left behind lines of debris, driftwood and all sorts of things that had moved. This waterline / flood represents the invisible scars that the flood has left and is the basis of this project. This line becomes the symbol of our limits and represents our breaking point, a visualization of the passage of time towards the healing process.

The purpose of the project is to gather with the community elements and simple memories that have been kept by residents and transmitted from one generation to the next. These elements are the link to our past. They become the waterline or line of our human history, as a physical and visual connection with our past.