COVID-19 Emergency Fund created at Centraide Sud-Ouest du Québec

March 24, 2020 — Expressing its deep concern about the situation of vulnerable people such as seniors and the disadvantaged who have limited access, or no access at all, to certain community resources, the Centraide Sud-Ouest team announces the implementation of an emergency fund that will help those who already face obstacles such as poverty, homelessness or social isolation and who are in even greater need of assistance at this time.

Already stretched to full capacity in normal times, organizations providing essential services such as food security, assistance to seniors or mental health support are now facing major challenges in not only maintaining their capacity to help but also in rapidly increasing it as demand is mounting.

Part of the population is in preventive or compulsory confinement, which prevents them from having access to many basic health care services. Seniors come quickly to mind, but all strata of society are affected. There are those who have lost their jobs without seeing it coming and who, overnight, will find themselves without income for several weeks. Or the non-visible homeless, those who live one day at a friend’s house, one day at another’s.

Targeted actions

Centraide has identified five areas of action that it intends to support concretely through the emergency fund that is being set up: mental health support, essential needs, the capacity of community agencies to respond to demand, assistance to seniors, and support for volunteers.

Over the next few weeks, Centraide will, therefore, take action to provide financial support to the agencies so that they can continue their services through the special fundraising currently being set up, to which several national companies have already contributed. To date, National Bank, Cogeco, Desjardins, Industrial Alliance, METRO and Sun Life have answered the call and more will be added in the coming days.

You can help improve the lives of thousands of people locally.

By supporting Centraide’s Community Emergency Fund today, you are supporting your entire community. SPREAD MUTUAL HELP, NOT THE VIRUS.

Centraide Sud-Ouest

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